WriterlyWednesdays: Books n’ Thangs

As Written on A Thursday Because Reasons

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Mea culpa for the technical difficulties, my recorded notes messed up and I hope to have something salvaged for next week. In the meantime, indulge me with the addictive side to being a bibliophile.

First stop: Vendor Room

I like to make sure I arrive early to events, to work, to anything, really. Upon arriving at the Creative Ink Festival at the Delta Burnaby Hotel & Conference Centre I still had thirty minutes before my first panel, so naturally, I went straight for the books

… and was mesmerized enough to miss that first panel, but I digress.

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WriterlyWednesdays: Creative Ink Festival

A Weekend with Fellow Writing Warriors

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This weekend of writerly goodness couldn’t have come at a better time. Things are about to get super hectic in my non-writing life, so this three day kick in the writing pants was just what the doctor ordered.

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WriterlyWednesdays: So, Today Bears Some Significance?

It’s Because It’s Hump Day, Right?


Happy Wednesday, Interwebbies!

Today it’ll be a quickie, ahem, because the day got away from me. First off, a big thank you to Shaunta Grimes for the care package. Office supplies are a writer’s candy. They came at the perfect time. While my return to the writing course regimen has been slower than I’d like, I’m glad for everything that comes with being a “Ninja Writer” including the mega year-long course, A Novel Idea.

This weekend I’ll be kicking myself into full-writing mode and what all that’s been happening in my non-writing life, I certainly could use the writerly distraction.

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WriterlyWednesdays: The Great Escape

A.K.A. Revisiting and Realizing Why I Need to be Writing Fiction


Just when I think that things are looking up, they look left, right, and a little murky. Alas, such is life.

The last few months have been intense, to say the least. And as life happened, I set writing aside in order to deal with whatever was thrown my way. However, now that I’ve gained perspective (in the midst of discovering and facing new challenges) I see how important an impact writing has had on my life and the significance of its role now.

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