WriterlyWednesdays: So, Today Bears Some Significance?

It’s Because It’s Hump Day, Right?


Happy Wednesday, Interwebbies!

Today it’ll be a quickie, ahem, because the day got away from me. First off, a big thank you to Shaunta Grimes for the care package. Office supplies are a writer’s candy. They came at the perfect time. While my return to the writing course regimen has been slower than I’d like, I’m glad for everything that comes with being a “Ninja Writer” including the mega year-long course, A Novel Idea.

This weekend I’ll be kicking myself into full-writing mode and what all that’s been happening in my non-writing life, I certainly could use the writerly distraction.

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The Art of Misdirection

The Hong Kong Experience: Day 02

2014/12/24 @10h04 HK time

Merry Christmas Eve Day, people of the interwebs!


Previously on The Hong Kong Experience…

The search for the perfect Mahjong set eluded me but a #selfiestick was purchased and photos from various angles ensued.


On the second day of Christmas–vacay–my father┬ásaid to me,

“Let’s go and get me a bespoke tailored suit.”

And the adventure continues…

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