WriterlyWednesdays: The Great Escape

A.K.A. Revisiting and Realizing Why I Need to be Writing Fiction


Just when I think that things are looking up, they look left, right, and a little murky. Alas, such is life.

The last few months have been intense, to say the least. And as life happened, I set writing aside in order to deal with whatever was thrown my way. However, now that I’ve gained perspective (in the midst of discovering and facing new challenges) I see how important an impact writing has had on my life and the significance of its role now.

Writing is my passion.

Writing is freeing.

Writing is frustrating.

Writing is rewarding.

Now, I find writing to be therapeutic and cathartic, as well.

In recent weeks, I’ve adjusted to my new job and it’s allowed me to make more time to actually write. While everything is still in the organizational/outlining/research stage, I’ve had the opportunity to look at hard copies of drafts, notes, and other research for Aaralyn’s Song. I know I haven’t found all the notes yet in my digital archives, but what I do have dates back at least three years.

When I was able to see hundreds of pages about a world I’d created, I felt a sense of accomplishment and wonder. It showed me that if I really wanted to put my story out there, I could make it happen. I’d already been in the middle of that plan before it fell by the wayside.

What better motivation to make my dreams a reality than to continue the journey and remember why I started on this path.

In stories, we get to battle dragons and villains, right wrongs, go on countless adventures and return triumphant.

At its very core, the art of writing has given me the opportunity to escape to other worlds in order to help me deal with the reality of my own.

I’m quite enjoying seeing what “Three Years Ago Me” had to say about Aaralyn. While I don’t want to edit as I go, immersing myself in these drafts has helped fuel the fire to keep me going on this writing journey.

I hope your writing week has been going well.




Until next time…



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