WriterlyWednesdays: So, Today Bears Some Significance?

It’s Because It’s Hump Day, Right?


Happy Wednesday, Interwebbies!

Today it’ll be a quickie, ahem, because the day got away from me. First off, a big thank you to Shaunta Grimes for the care package. Office supplies are a writer’s candy. They came at the perfect time. While my return to the writing course regimen has been slower than I’d like, I’m glad for everything that comes with being a “Ninja Writer” including the mega year-long course, A Novel Idea.

This weekend I’ll be kicking myself into full-writing mode and what all that’s been happening in my non-writing life, I certainly could use the writerly distraction.

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.56.24 PM

From May 6-8, I’ll be rubbing elbows with other writerly types. My first and only writers’ conference was six years ago and lemme tell ya, I was overwhelmed. I think the event this weekend will help me get my feet re-wet without all the pressure of drowning, as it were.

I took note of all the panels I want to attend with only a couple overlaps. I do have the option to pitch ideas but since I’ve completely revamped my story from the ground up, I’m there for the education (which happens simultaneously as the pitches anyway). I’m miffed that the business cards The Sestra had printed up for me got misplaced in the move. I thought I knew exactly where I’d been keeping them so I didn’t bother to have new ones printed over the weekend. It’s short notice and not in my budget to do same-day business card printing, so I’m going to wing it and not sweat the small stuff. I’m there to learn and absorb what I can. Since I’m more of an introvert anyway, I can ease into the whole networking side of things rather than be too ‘in your face’ about it.

Next Wednesday, I’ll share all the goodies that I learned from the event. In the meantime, check out the presentation grid or the program descriptions to get an idea of what’s to come. The festival will be held at the Delta Burnaby Hotel & Conference Centre in Burnaby, British Columbia. If you happen to be in the area, maybe we’ll see each other there.

Have a great weekend and Advanced Happy Mother’s Day!

Yes, I do know the importance of today’s date. In the words of my furry pal…



Until next time…





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