CreativeInkFest Day 1 Highlights

Notes & Notables from the Panels I Attended

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Friday’s offering began at midday. Good thing, too, because of the literary haul I now have sitting on my side table.

Day 1 was as informative as it was entertaining. I think it had a lot to do with the great panelists that came to share their knowledge with aspiring and fellow writers alike. (It was motivating to watch accomplished writers sit along side me willing to learn. The craft of writing is a lifelong process.

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WriterlyWednesdays: Books n’ Thangs

As Written on A Thursday Because Reasons

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Mea culpa for the technical difficulties, my recorded notes messed up and I hope to have something salvaged for next week. In the meantime, indulge me with the addictive side to being a bibliophile.

First stop: Vendor Room

I like to make sure I arrive early to events, to work, to anything, really. Upon arriving at the Creative Ink Festival at the Delta Burnaby Hotel & Conference Centre I still had thirty minutes before my first panel, so naturally, I went straight for the books

… and was mesmerized enough to miss that first panel, but I digress.

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