WriterlyWednesdays: Creative Ink Festival

A Weekend with Fellow Writing Warriors

Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 10.56.24 PM

This weekend of writerly goodness couldn’t have come at a better time. Things are about to get super hectic in my non-writing life, so this three day kick in the writing pants was just what the doctor ordered.


Life got in the way, so my story got benched for the longest time. Everyone I met filled me with renewed hope for my own WIPs. To no one’s surprise, least of all my pocketbook, the first stop I made was to the Vendor’s Room, where like a kid in a candy store, I was surrounded by all these beautiful handheld portals to other worlds of awesome.

Yes, it was payday that Friday. Yes, I’m glad I didn’t get a hotel room during the festival. And yes, I bought OVER A DOZEN BOOKS before I even started–and ended up missing the first panel on Humor Writing. (More on the books in an upcoming post.)


Here’s the lowdown on the panels/workshops I attended.


2pm – Getting the Law Stuff Right

3pm – The Importance of Diversity

4pm – Scene of the Crime

5pm – Writing a Series

6pm – Character Backgrounds


9am – Tools for Your Writers Toolbox

10am – Creating Believable Characters

11am – Missassumptions About Kid Lit

12pm – Adding Mystery to Your Fiction

1pm – Storytelling Through Map Making

2pm – What Exactly is Speculative Fiction?

3pm – Steampunk

4pm – Putting Science Into SF

5pm – When Setting Becomes Character

6pm – Elements of Story


9am – An Editor’s Dream

10am – Love Affair with Heroes

11am – How to Finish What you Start

12pm – Writing Outside Your Comfort Zone

1pm – Real Life Superwomen

2pm – Fairytale Retellings

3pm – Diversify Your Income

Each time slot (and I had to leave early on Saturday and Sunday so there were still a couple panels more on either day) had three panel/workshop options. My main reason for going was for the Fairytale Retellings which, naturally, was one of the last panels of the weekend. I met the author and also impulse purchased his entire line of a books. Steampunk meets Fairytales… what?! It was meant to be.

The authors were great to talk to and learn from. I felt so motivated to get going on Aaralyn’s Song. I wanted to quickly share some of the tidbits from the jam packed weekend. Next week, I’ll dive in to some highlights in the dozen pages of notes I took.

I’m excited to share the knowledge with you and as soon as my allergies cooperate, I’ll tuck into the next round of posts. Yes, that’s how much I got out of this educational adventure.

Until next time…



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