April, Ya Ain’t Foolin’ Anyone!


We’re already in the second quarter of 2014. How the frilly heck did that happen so fast?

I have to say that getting through March was the slowest, quickest, hardest, breeziest experience I’ve had this century.

The major move is over. The old place is in my rearview mirror. But now it’s time to make this place a home, my Sanctuary, and it just so happens to coincide with the Day of Fools.

Oh, boy. Bumpy roads ahead.

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Spring Forward


And two steps back.

Thanks, Daylight Savings Time.

Well, in the defence of something as intangible, as ferociously fleeting as time, I can’t say it takes all the blame.

Just ask my eye bags. More like steamer trunks considering I’ve gone beyond burning the midnight oil. I think I doused the darn thing with an extra can of kerosene.

There are those who wish there were more hours in a day, but really, people, do you think you’d spend those hours any better than you do now? Won’t it just end up being a longer period of time within which you can cram, panic, forge ahead, procrastinate, lounge, and every combination thereof?

Alas, my Week in Review comes one hour–and a day–late. Perhaps, this time around, it can be my Week in (P)review, as well.

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And the Oscar Goes To…


… couldn’t tell ya.

At least, not without checking the updates online.

Why, pray tell, am I missing out on what I’ve been told is a pretty fun party with Ellen and a few million of her friends?

Been busy, yo.

Here’s the skinny.

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March Goals: The Thumbs & Wishlist Edition


mm 2014 wordle


This month, I join fellow writers in hosting March Madness. It’s the brainchild of the lovely Denise Jaden and is like a month-long Super Bowl for the #wipmadness family. Click the wordle pic above to set creative goals for March, stay for daily encouragement, and keep coming back for fun, support, and YAY, prizes!

But first, we begin this month with a post on goals. I must get the business side of things out of the way: assess February, declare a word war in March, and hope to the Tardis on high that April chimes in with success all-around.

Here we go…

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Brain FREEZE, But Not in the Way You Think



I’m in drafting overload for NaNoWriMo & Entangled Smackdown over at SavvyAuthors, on this sixth day.

I’m glad I got higher numbers in the first few days because today, as much as I wanted to get the words out, my brain kept freezing up. It’s like when the TV remote is stuck and the channels keep changing at random. All the scenes of the story flash in my brain faster than I can process and type. So much story is exhausting sometimes.


I suppose it’s a good idea to look at fresh words (and not written by me) to reboot my creative mojo. Good thing I have plenty to choose from my endless TBR list.


Go #Fire_Divas! My Entangled team is doing well. I’m also back checking in with #wipmadness. Everyone’s plugging away this November. 🙂


K.M. Weiland‘s webinar Outlining Your Novel: Create a Roadmap to Storytelling Success is tomorrow. I actually think I’ll focus on a different story for this to give my synapses something else to fire up about. Maybe the ‘change of scenery’ will help with my visual overload.

How goes it in your writerly world?