Spring Forward


And two steps back.

Thanks, Daylight Savings Time.

Well, in the defence of something as intangible, as ferociously fleeting as time, I can’t say it takes all the blame.

Just ask my eye bags. More like steamer trunks considering I’ve gone beyond burning the midnight oil. I think I doused the darn thing with an extra can of kerosene.

There are those who wish there were more hours in a day, but really, people, do you think you’d spend those hours any better than you do now? Won’t it just end up being a longer period of time within which you can cram, panic, forge ahead, procrastinate, lounge, and every combination thereof?

Alas, my Week in Review comes one hour–and a day–late. Perhaps, this time around, it can be my Week in (P)review, as well.


I’ve never written so much French before. I’ve got back-to-back exams coming up, but we also have compositions to write. I’m not even in the Advanced Composition class yet so I know I’m only scratching the bilingual surface. That said, I must say I’m impressed I can communicate more effectively in this language. I even watched a cooking show in French and PVRed an episode of Downton Abbey dubbed in French. Can’t wait to watch that!

My WIPs are in serious need of attention. Sorry, babies, I didn’t mean to see other words. It’s not you, it’s me. It’s not like I was entranced with their foreign appeal. They didn’t mean as much to me as you do. Promise. For my transgressions, I’m even going to kick my writing projects into higher gear. More on that in the Networking section.


I started the week off nicely and even got one of the three intended contest entries I’m judging read and critiqued. I tucked into that while some furniture was being built and while the internet was getting installed in the new place. I call it The Sanctuary, by the way. 🙂

However, the week up and ran away with the spoon and I wasn’t able to read any more entries. I’ve still got time, even though I have an exam and the rest of the move to tackle this week. I still have three weeks to read all six entries. I should be fine. *gulp*


Okay, here’s a section wherein I’ve made progress. Let’s not mention the fact that I was late for my check-in yesterday (for the same reason this post is a day late, as well). Today is Day Ten of March Madness. As soon as I posted my late check-in for Day Nine, I scrambled over to the next blog on the hop and ended up being the first commenter. I hope to stay ahead of the game the entire week because I know it’s going to get even busier. Good thing the #wipmadness family keeps me motivated.

That said, I happened upon another opportunity of accountability. Gee, there was a time in my youth that OA stood for Over-Acting. I like this one better. From March to May, the YA Buccaneers (tweeting at #YABbootcamp) are hosting a Spring Writing Bootcamp. It works well with Camp NaNoWriMo and any other writing challenge you want to throw in this time of year. I like the double accountability this March. It will provide a good basis for what I want and need to do with my WIPs.

While I did make my declaration of intent in my March Goals post, let me share the highlights that I’ll be focusing on for the boot camp:

1) Revise a minimum of fifty pages for my YA Fantasy Twisted Tales Adventure Aaralyn’s Song. March is well underway and given how busy this month is in every facet of my life, I’m okay with this spilling into April.

2) There were a couple of script ideas I wanted to tackle for a contest, but they fall lower on my list of priorities, at this time. There’s the entry fee to consider (about $50 each) and while one only asks for the first fifteen pages of a screenplay, the other is a full spec script for a TV pilot. If I don’t get to write these for the contest, I’d definitely explore them when I’ve finished with my revisions.

Ideally, I’d like to do revisions on two other projects, but realistically, I’d be happy with accomplishing just the first goal above. It’s the first book in a potential series and I’ve already outlined enough background info for three books in the series. I think these goals are good for now and I can always make adjustments as the month rolls on.


I brought Bilbo Watson to The Sanctuary. While the majority of our belongings are still at the old place, I should take him out for a tune and christen our new domain, no? It might also help calm the nerves as the end of the semester draws near. Deadlines are piling up everywhere, but I will forge ahead. Nothing like the smooth sounds of the Game of Thrones theme on the uke to ease my worries.

Come on, March. Show me whatcha got!


8 thoughts on “Spring Forward

  1. Loosing an hour is evil! But accountability is great. I’m so glad we are on the same accountability team this spring.

    Happy Writing!

  2. Hiya
    Tonette you are at Savvy Authors too right? I am sure I have seen you around. Is Kate too?

    We have an awesome team and I am sure you will get your goals crossed off. Accountability is awesome.


    • Hello!

      Sorry for the late reply.

      Yes, we’re at Savvy together. 🙂 Aside from you and Lyn, I’m not sure who else might not be a member–yet. 🙂 Things are turning a crazy shade of ugly during this hectic moving month. Can’t wait for it to be April already, but that means one month’s gone in our bootcamp! LOL I’ve got some catching up to do.

      Scrolling through the team’s messages, I can already see how awesome we’ll be in this challenge.



  3. Stopping by for some midweek cheering-on — and to say that Daylight Savings hit me hard this year, too. I love the extra daylight, but I’m still missing that hour of sleep! Good luck getting your 50 pages revised. Can’t wait to hear how it goes. 🙂

    • Hiya!

      Just told Angel that I wish it were April already, but those 50 pages aren’t going to revise themselves. This move is taking its toll on me. I just finished running off emails and phone calls to the movers and building manager, respectively, because of an imminent logistical nightmare that will coincide with the major portion of the move (all the furniture, etc.) on Saturday.

      If anything, it will be fodder to use in an upcoming storyline, for sure!

    • A list is a list is a list. I’d like to check things off that list if I weren’t so swamped with this move. I’m glad the Boot Camp is three months long otherwise I don’t think I’d see anybody!

      Thanks for stopping by, though. It’s a nice reminder that the team’s still out there hard at work. 🙂

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