Hammering Out the Words


A.K.A. It’s That Time of Year Again…




October whooshed by with as much gusto as the SIDEWAYS rain we’ve been having on the homefront.

Finally in the groove with this whole full-time student gig, so what do I do? I joined the annual festival of masochists as we all write 50,000 words. Natch.

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December Goals



SavvyAuthorsEntangled Smackdown and NaNoWriMo.

When my butt wasn’t kicked, I, too, kicked butt when it came to November’s writing challenges. A couple thousand words shy of 75K, the writing continues.

Plenty of writerly activities to keep me busy during the zaniest month of the year. I can already hear those sleigh bells as I draft this post.

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NaNo, Where’d Ya Go?: The Next 5 Steps Post-WriMo


Winner, winner, chicken dinner.

Or turkey. Or something vegetarian. Heck, for many of you out there, yesterday was just a Thursday. No matter what you did or whom you were with, hope it was a good one. 🙂

As for NaNoWriMo & SavvyAuthorsEntangled Smackdown, I won because I met the word count goals, but the story ain’t over yet, kiddos. Here’s the skinny:

Week One: 17,850 words

Week Two: 16,383 words

Week Three: 18,820 words

Week Four: 15,822 words

Running Total: 68,875  words

These numbers are up until yesterday’s total. Scrivener seems to be messing with my mind because the project stats show the figures and the session word count. The session number made sense so when I went to plug in the project total into the NaNo site, it said I wrote more than 2K above my total which I still don’t get. Wrap your noggin around that one.

Either way, I’m still rallying to up the count and will continue until the story’s done–dur. That would be the wise choice, yes?

After a month of slaving over the words, we’re left wrought with emotion. To borrow a line sung in a show I watched, once upon a time, “Where do we go from here?”

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Before We Get the Storyteller, We Must Have the Story Writer…Finish the Story.



I can’t believe there’s just one week left in the writestravaganza I’ve immersed myself in for NaNoWriMo & SavvyAuthorsEntangled Smackdown.

As of yesterday, I’m at 57,458 words.

The writing continues. I want to see how many more words I can hammer out before the end of the month.


Does listening to books count? I’ve been listening to Robert McKee‘s Story to keep me on track. More audiobooks to follow as we pull into the final stretch of the month. It’s a great way to multitask because I’m running out of hours in the day to get everything done, ya know?

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5 Tunes That Helped Up the Word Count


Third week done.

Surpassed 50K on Wednesday and I’m still going. I want to make sure the subplots weave seamlessly with the main story arc.

NaNoWriMo & SavvyAuthorsEntangled Smackdown stats:

Week One: 17,850 words

Week Two: 16,383 words

Week Three: 18,820 words

I did start to slow down a bit later in the week but the sprints that began it paid off.

Running Total: 53,053 words

I recall writing about my experiences in Toronto last month–has it only been a month?–and something in particular struck a chord with me precisely because it struck a chord with me.


The stars must have aligned beyond the clouds on that mid morning Friday. We were on the highway and I could see the CN Tower pierce through the horizon. The landmark came into view along with the rest of the Toronto skyline and I was overcome with emotion. Nostalgia, happiness, and excitement swirled in my head.

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