WriterlyWednesdays: And on That Note…

A.K.A. Revisiting and Realizing Why I Love Writing Fiction


Hello, Interwebbies!

Quick one today because it was a long workday in the blazing heat–unseasonably hot for April–but I wanted to keep up with my blog posts.

While I didn’t get to print out some writing worksheets today to help with my course, I’m still excited about all the revelations I had while brainstorming the characters of my WIP.

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WriterlyWednesdays: Eye of the Beholder

A.K.A. It’s All a Matter of Perception


I had a completely different blog post almost ready to go but yesterday was a bit of a gong show which left me zonked and today was a supersized long day at work so what do I do? Bench the planned post and write a new one from scratch close to 11pm. Naturally.

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So, that happened…

A.K.A. Gutted into Reality


In my life: plans, excitement, writing. All round happiness for March.


It’s funny how quickly things can change. Everything I had planned and experienced a month ago, with goals to accomplish in the coming weeks got royally derailed. It was arguable the worst month I’ve had in all of ever.

Was I going to hibernate my woes away, close myself off from civilization, basically give up?

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Going through the motions…

A.K.A. You Must be This Tall to Ride


Where the frilly heck have I been!?

There is a ark load of stuff that’s been happening in my life that isn’t even writing related. It’s as though I took a backseat while life grabbed hold of the wheel and went for a joyride.

However, without going into details, not all was well in Whoville.

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“Dammit Jim, I’m a writer, not a mathematician!”

A.K.A. Simple Math Hurts My Cabeza


Hello, hi.

What is the one thing I realized once the majority of my jet leg went away? Yep. I cannot add. And it totally ruined the entire schtick, ahem, theme I’d been maintaining for THE HONG KONG EXPERIENCE. In my defence, I was sixteen hours ahead writing posts of events that occurred the previous day and posting them so that they reached here the day of… did that make any sense?

So, I haven’t done a Friday Forage in a long time, and this would’ve been the first of 2015. However, since all I’ve been foraging for this week is my laundry and a little bit of sanity, I figure I’ll keep to my important resolution and just be awesome MINUS the overthinking.

Heck, by the time I send this out, it might not even be a Friday post. I’m that footloose and fancy free.

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