Spring Forward


And two steps back.

Thanks, Daylight Savings Time.

Well, in the defence of something as intangible, as ferociously fleeting as time, I can’t say it takes all the blame.

Just ask my eye bags. More like steamer trunks considering I’ve gone beyond burning the midnight oil. I think I doused the darn thing with an extra can of kerosene.

There are those who wish there were more hours in a day, but really, people, do you think you’d spend those hours any better than you do now? Won’t it just end up being a longer period of time within which you can cram, panic, forge ahead, procrastinate, lounge, and every combination thereof?

Alas, my Week in Review comes one hour–and a day–late. Perhaps, this time around, it can be my Week in (P)review, as well.

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And the Oscar Goes To…


… couldn’t tell ya.

At least, not without checking the updates online.

Why, pray tell, am I missing out on what I’ve been told is a pretty fun party with Ellen and a few million of her friends?

Been busy, yo.

Here’s the skinny.

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Snow Day


And not a celebration of Jon, either.

Just as a Lannister always pays his debts, there’s a phrase that another family keeps on saying. But, I didn’t want to believe it, especially in Vancouver.

Considering it’s almost March, and last week was surprisingly warmish in the double digits with sunshine, I’m not surprised the entire city is covered in a blanket of snow that continues to thicken.

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Cue the Locusts.


What in the frilly heck is Mama Nature up to?

I can’t wait to be rid of the rattling windows and snippy drafts that slice deep into my soul during these torrential downpours.

Of course, when I was busy with coursework and didn’t venture out into the world, it was gorgeous outside. Now that I have a class to go to tomorrow, I’m in need of Noah’s trusty mode of transportation.

Anyhoo, no rest for the wicked.

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So, Feburrary…


I know you’re the shortest month and might feel like you’re not getting the love, but hey, don’t be so fickle. There’s even that special day on the fourteenth that should cheer you up. Can you please not deceive us with sunshine only to have the wind hit us in the face? I mean, come on, it’s like getting punched with fireballs or something!

But I digress. I apologize. It’s hard to concentrate when your teeth are chattering and any part of your body not heavily layered feels like it might break off. Upside? People watching. There are really strange things people get up to when they think others are preoccupied with braving inclement weather.

Behold, I did manage to get work done this week, despite the recurring desire to curl up in a ball beneath a heavy blanket with hot cocoa–poured directly on me. Warmth, thy will be mine!

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