And the Oscar Goes To…


… couldn’t tell ya.

At least, not without checking the updates online.

Why, pray tell, am I missing out on what I’ve been told is a pretty fun party with Ellen and a few million of her friends?

Been busy, yo.

Here’s the skinny.



I have a serious hand cramp from all the French homework I’ve been doing. I keep telling myself that it’s for my own good–and it is–but ouchies. I’ll be fluently in pain by the end of the semester. LOL

In writerly news, I’m eyeballs deep in my WIPs, most notably, Aaralyn’s Song, and the two screenplays I’m toying with. We’ll see how that turns out in the coming weeks.



Finished my beta read and submitted my notes yesterday. I’m hoping to read three of the contest entries per week to get them submitted by the 15th. 



Today is Day Two of March Madness. I love the energy surging through the #wipmadness family. I have a busy week ahead so I’d like to pre-write at least two of my hosting posts within the next 72hrs to stay ahead of the onslaught. 🙂



To preserve my sanity, I’m ensuring I’ve got quality time with my buddy and uke Bilbo Watson. I’m pretty sure I’m working every inch of my brain with all these creative endeavors.


Hope everyone has a splendiferous week!

2 thoughts on “And the Oscar Goes To…

    • The most where I can… and maintain sanity, too. I accidentally erased some crucial files in an attempt to free up some space on my hard drive. The move has left me knackered. Our place looks like an episode of ‘Storage Wars’!

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