Before We Get the Storyteller, We Must Have the Story Writer…Finish the Story.



I can’t believe there’s just one week left in the writestravaganza I’ve immersed myself in for NaNoWriMo & SavvyAuthorsEntangled Smackdown.

As of yesterday, I’m at 57,458 words.

The writing continues. I want to see how many more words I can hammer out before the end of the month.


Does listening to books count? I’ve been listening to Robert McKee‘s Story to keep me on track. More audiobooks to follow as we pull into the final stretch of the month. It’s a great way to multitask because I’m running out of hours in the day to get everything done, ya know?


A week with the new site layout. Me likey. I’m also working on other aspects of social media. My most recent endeavour is LinkedIn. I’ll take a lookiloo to see what else is out there without me wearing myself thin. As we all know, social media is as much an asset as it is a liability. I must use it for good instead of evil, yes?


I find it cool that I’m starting to understand other languages based on conversations, shows, news feeds, and the like. We were at a craft fair a couple weeks back and a vendor started talking to a customer ahead of me in French. Nice to know I can now keep up with the lingo. Spanish comes a little easier to me, but I enjoy the surprises when I understand German. 

I think I’m going to experiment by watching some foreign films without English subtitles. Sure, audio books might help, but the visuals will provide context to help me understand the dialogue better.

That reminds me… back to writing.

4 thoughts on “Before We Get the Storyteller, We Must Have the Story Writer…Finish the Story.

  1. Well done Tonette, it looks like you are making excellent progress. I’ve rotten at languages. I never inherited my mums skill for picking them up so easily. She lives in Spain and speaks like a native (though she’d deny such accomplishments). I never studied it at school (they never offered the option), and I don’t think that helped. Good for you on learning all of those languages. It must feel liberating. I’m a European who knows only one language – English. That’s pitiful.

    Best of luck for the coming week. X

    • It’s all part of my plan to travel the world and just blend in (conversationally, at least) with the locals. My checklist isn’t getting ticked off in order, however, as I have yet to win all those millions in the lottery. 😉

  2. “I’m at 57,458 words.” Holy moly – that’s incredible! Well done!

    I too love learning foreign languages. Are you learning all three at once? That’s quite a feat. Makes me wonder how many brains you have. Has to be more than one…

    • Who knows about true physiology anymore. Case in point, The Doctor has two hearts, a Vulcan’s heart is located in the vicinity of where a human liver is situated. Krevlornswath of the Deathwok Clan himself joked that his heart was in his a$$, but I’m not sure if he was just teasing. Anyhoo, as I do consider myself part Gallifreyan with Vulcan tendencies who frequents the outskirts of Pylea, your hypothesis must be accurate. 🙂

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