5 Tunes That Helped Up the Word Count


Third week done.

Surpassed 50K on Wednesday and I’m still going. I want to make sure the subplots weave seamlessly with the main story arc.

NaNoWriMo & SavvyAuthorsEntangled Smackdown stats:

Week One: 17,850 words

Week Two: 16,383 words

Week Three: 18,820 words

I did start to slow down a bit later in the week but the sprints that began it paid off.

Running Total: 53,053 words

I recall writing about my experiences in Toronto last month–has it only been a month?–and something in particular struck a chord with me precisely because it struck a chord with me.


The stars must have aligned beyond the clouds on that mid morning Friday. We were on the highway and I could see the CN Tower pierce through the horizon. The landmark came into view along with the rest of the Toronto skyline and I was overcome with emotion. Nostalgia, happiness, and excitement swirled in my head.

Now, I wonder if that memory would have had as big an impact if The Sisterhood’s Bestie didn’t have music playing that swelled up at just the right moment. The perfect drum beat, the crescendo as we approached the city limits. Right away, I imagined a camera panning out as though it was the end of a great movie with the credits about to roll. Fortunately, rather than fade to black, that vacay had just begun, so more happy fun times ensued.

Today on FRIDAY FORAGE, let’s talk music. Do you like to write to music? Or do you have a soundtrack/score that you can hear playing in the background of one of your scenes? The following are musical examples of what plays in my mind and on my computer as I create my fictional world.

1) The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring

So many feels! Just the sound of the piccolo takes me back to the Shire. These scores are stories without words. If you give it a listen, you’ll even hear the sense of humor in some of the tracks. A year or so ago, I, along with The Sisterhood, The Brotherhood, and his Wifey, had the pleasure of listening to an orchestral performance showcasing music from the movies. Tears. To. My. Eyes.

BONUS (and in honor of tomorrow’s worldwide event): Doctor Who at the Proms 2013Don’t think, don’t blink. Just listen. 🙂

2) Game of Thrones

So, I’ll take your tears and raise you profuse sobbing. And bloodshed. If LoTR has whimsy, Who has thrills, GoT is all about the palpitations. The show’s theme alone is epic on so many levels and it’s only amplified by the stunning visuals of the opening credits.

The cellos are haunting. The last time I got haunted by a cello–and what compelled me to want to learn how to play (bucket list item)–was from the opening credits of Angel.

Since I clearly jumped from the big screen into the little screen, let us continue with more awesomeness.

3) Person of Interest

I loved the GoT soundtrack so much that it wasn’t a surprise that I found similarities and therefore equal enjoyment with this soundtrack. It also helps that, along with the aforementioned shows, I happen to love this one. In fact, you should just check out Ramin Djawadi‘s other work, too. You won’t be disappointed.

4) Once Upon a Time

This score has all the magic, hope, and love that is woven in each episode of the series (along with fear, loathing, and vengeance, of course). The good thing is I can enjoy all the mystical and intriguing qualities entwined with the tale without so much of the cartoony faitytaleness of it all. With respect, *cough* iconic happy rodent-led company *cough* there’s a time and place for that, and while there are some nuances in this series, it’s certainly of a darker fare.

Semi-related to the reverie this score has to offer, I’m reminded of the score from Bicentennial Man.

5) Walk Off the Earth

While they don’t have their own show yet, this innovative and entertaining musical group certainly make up for it with their music videos. If you check out all the views they’ve gotten, I’ve contributed to that rising count many, many times.



Wow, that was more than five, but when it comes to music and writing, there just isn’t a fixed number. To honor that, let me add some more suggestions because, really, life is enhanced by a great musical score. Listen to soundtracks helmed by these awesome people:

Michael Giacchino: You’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn the range of soundtracks he’s responsible for. Oh, and he totally makes things J.J. Abrams creates sound amazing, don’t you think?

David ArnoldJerry Goldsmith, Joel GoldsmithHarry Gregson-WilliamsJames Horner, Alan Menken, James Newton HowardHoward Shore, Alan SilvestriJohn Williams, Hans Zimmer: The soundtracks I’ve amassed by this esteemed group alone take up many gigabytes in my iTunes account. Their work speaks for itself and the list of classic films that you’ll recognize in just the first few notes is a testament to their longevity in the industry.

Special mentions: Alexandre DesplatDanny Elfman and Bear McCreary. They’ve made beautiful music that’s out of this world for many different reasons.

Gah! I could go on–and would–because I love what music does for me as a writer. Even when I listen for pure enjoyment, I’m taken away on a melodic story. I hope that my stories have as much emotional punch as these musical gems have provided all of us. For now, back to work I go. At least I have great tunes to keep me company.

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