Hammering Out the Words


A.K.A. It’s That Time of Year Again…




October whooshed by with as much gusto as the SIDEWAYS rain we’ve been having on the homefront.

Finally in the groove with this whole full-time student gig, so what do I do? I joined the annual festival of masochists as we all write 50,000 words. Natch.

At the same time NaNoWriMo rounds the troops for this amazeballs feat, SavvyAuthors once again is hosting Entangled Smackdown geared towards the romance genre and everything under that huge umbrella. I’m working on a story I began a few years back that I’m eager to revisit in light of the new imprint for which it is suited. Should be interesting writing outside of my comfort zone. A writing experiment is always a worthy endeavor.

My classes are going super duper good and I’m already mapping out my Winter semester. That said, these next thirty days will keep as busy as I’ve been since school began, if not more.

On the upside, my GPA’s been fantabulous this past midterm. I aim to keep it that way, despite the crazy schedule ahead. Easy peasy, right?


How about you? Joining any faboo writing challenges this month?

2 thoughts on “Hammering Out the Words

  1. So after much persuasion I took on Nanowrimo too! I’m doing much better than last year although I found I’ll only actually write somewhat fluidly on paper. Which I need to then type out. If I keep at this rate I should do it though. Would be my first thing anywhere near novel.

    • Different strokes for different folks. Do whatever works for you to unleash your creativity. I’ve done hybrid drafting that even includes voice recording. As long as the words keeping coming, you’re golden.

      Thanks for stopping by and keep me posted on your progress!



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