Cue the Locusts.


What in the frilly heck is Mama Nature up to?

I can’t wait to be rid of the rattling windows and snippy drafts that slice deep into my soul during these torrential downpours.

Of course, when I was busy with coursework and didn’t venture out into the world, it was gorgeous outside. Now that I have a class to go to tomorrow, I’m in need of Noah’s trusty mode of transportation.

Anyhoo, no rest for the wicked.


Multilingual and otherworldly writing this week.

Lots of progress on Aaralyn’s Song. More character development, worldbuildling, and snappy dialogue. It’s nice to channel real world frustrations into the fictional universe. I think, due to inclement weather, my antagonist was even more nefarious than she needed to be. Oh, well.

From an academic standpoint, we were supposed to write a composition for French class making use of all the questions we’ve learned so far, along with as much vocab as possible. Mine is three pages long. I think I got excited when the writing bug for Aaralyn’s Song went beyond to my coursework. That’s fine by me.



Some people would be turned off by dreary views outside their windows. I’ve actually been able to read more of my NetGalley. Good thing, too. I just got my first round of contest entries to judge for the Sandy Writing Contest.



We had a Reading Break last week. That was spent primarily on my coursework and my own WIPs. I hope to have more face time with my school organizations later in the week.



Exams coming up. I’ve been in study mode. I also spent a good portion of last week calling and emailing schools to help figure out my summer session. I got an expected answer from one program. It wouldn’t be prudent to miss the last two weeks of class because of my previously booked excursion. It’s for the best so I can work and save up more money for the journey.


This month is whizzing by.

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