So, Feburrary…


I know you’re the shortest month and might feel like you’re not getting the love, but hey, don’t be so fickle. There’s even that special day on the fourteenth that should cheer you up. Can you please not deceive us with sunshine only to have the wind hit us in the face? I mean, come on, it’s like getting punched with fireballs or something!

But I digress. I apologize. It’s hard to concentrate when your teeth are chattering and any part of your body not heavily layered feels like it might break off. Upside? People watching. There are really strange things people get up to when they think others are preoccupied with braving inclement weather.

Behold, I did manage to get work done this week, despite the recurring desire to curl up in a ball beneath a heavy blanket with hot cocoa–poured directly on me. Warmth, thy will be mine!


Tomorrow I start a world building class that will help shape the universe wherein Aaralyn’s Song is set. My mirrored closet doors are filled with words in many colors that I can hardly use it for its original purpose. That suits me just fine. I tend to lose myself in the words anyway. The metaphor of seeing beyond the looking glass isn’t lost on me.

Aside from working on the novel and screenplay, I did plenty of writing for my coursework. There’s been multitasking and compartmentalizing galore.



I’ve written NETGALLEY in all caps on my mirror. I hope to get more reading done this week. I think by the time I get use to the workload, the semester will be over. And as double-edged swords have it, I’ll still have plenty of galleys to read.


Ugh, again.

Didn’t get to check-in last Wednesday. Perhaps, I’m chugging through this month so quickly that I’m avoiding the Humps altogether. We’ll see how things go next week. I just might have to pause and soak it all in, especially since March Madness will be here before I can say supercalifragilisticexpialidocious.


Had a good meeting with an Academic Advisor to help plan out the year as well as explore options. I have some more phone calls to make and meetings/visits to arrange. More on this in the next few weeks.


Come on, February. That all ya got? I’ve got seven scarves, many jackets and gloves for my gloves. I’ll StayPuffed my way around town if I have to, even look like Joey wearing all of Chandler’s clothing. I will not be defeated by Winter, no matter what the Starks say.

Have a great week everyone!

2 thoughts on “So, Feburrary…

  1. Good luck with staying warm! I’ve found winter a bit annoying since I moved out of the city, but it sounds like it’s much worse where you are.

    Also, I have to say I really like the imagery in your post.

    • I shouldn’t really complain because I know people on the eastern side of the continent, heck, anywhere but in our general location in North America, they’re all having a worse time of it. I think I’m just wimping out due to recent years of a semi-hermit lifestyle. Helped raise my nephew and niece since they were born. Technically since a bit before the last Winter Olympics, come to think of it. So, I rarely went out during the winter months. I suppose I’m just adjusting to the sharp temperature changes. It’s the burden that all takers of transit must bear. LOL

      As for the imagery, I’ve been told I’m a visual writer. My novels-in-progress play out as movies in my head. Because of that, I decided to write a screenplay, too.

      Thanks for the kind words and for dropping by.



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