The Finish Line’s in Sight. NaNo ’nuff Yet?



Last Wednesday for NaNoWriMo & SavvyAuthorsEntangled Smackdown.

I passed 50K last week and verified the word count Monday night to get the Winner’s Goodies. I’ll rest when the story’s over. Until then, I’m taking part in the writing sprints for bonus points to help my #Fire_Divas team for the Smackdown. It’ll also help get this story finished even though the word count goal’s already been reached.


Aside from audio books, no actual reading this week but my own words for this month’s writing madness.


Word sprinting until Saturday for the aforementioned points. On Twitter, I’ve got fellow sprinters using #1k1hr and #EntangledSmackdown. Everyone’s scrambling to get those words in by the 30th. Crazy fun times.


I take breaks from writing with continued language lessons. Synapses are firing all over the place. I’m looking to what’s ahead in the next couple of months to map out my writing schedule accordingly.

Had dinner with family friends last night and it gave me just the right amount of motivation to finish off the month on a high note. I’m grateful for the support. Writing might be an isolated event, at times, but the motivation keeps me going.

6 thoughts on “The Finish Line’s in Sight. NaNo ’nuff Yet?

  1. Congratulations on finishing early; I’m at about 32,000 and will probably be finishing at around 35,000 but I’m hoping to keep up my momentum and keep writing since the current project will probably top out around 120,000 words.

    • How’d your NaNo go? Keep me posted on your efforts. I’m continuing mine as well while tackling revisions on another NaNo project as the same time. Going back and forth helps keep things fresh since I don’t have to worry about word counts this month. 🙂

  2. A mightily impressive array of accomplishments. This made me happy, and I’m also really enjoying the clean feel of your new layout.

    I might need to check out this Smackdown next year….it sounds like a lot of fun, and I’m good at word counts!

    I hope the challenge went well, and that the WIP continues to delight until the end.

    • Thank you muchly!

      Thanks, too, for the feedback on the site. I think I like the feel, as well. I’m trying to make it as reader-friendly as possible and hope that it’s easier to navigate now.

      You should definitely join Smackdown next time. There’s also the NaNo Bootcamp, so there are plenty of options. What genres do you enjoy writing the most?

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