#ROW80 Mid-Week Check-In 2013/08/28



Oh, to juggle. Oh, to have multiple limbs to whip these babies up simultaneously.

Raise your hand if you’re in the middle of an awesome WIP and come up with one, nay, several new ideas.

*raises hand*

Meanwhile, I’m getting my short story submissions ready for the end of the month deadline. I’ll plan the rest of the month mapping out September’s writing goals.

And no. It never ends. 🙂


I’m reading Daniel Tammet’s Born on a Blue Day and it’s fascinating. Suddenly into anything and everything about how the brain works. I have at least half a dozen more non-fiction books on the subject that have joined my ever-growing TBR list.


August’s #wipmadness check-ins on Candilynn Fite’s blog wrapped on Monday. The #ROW80 check-ins continue. I’m looking into more writing challenges for September onwards.


Bilbo Watson, miss ya, buddy. I haven’t had the chance to get you restrung  yet. Soon, my friend. Soon.

Anyone else doing Duolingo? Having a blast with Spanish and haven’t decided what other of their available languages I want to tackle next. Probably going to do the patriotic thing and revisit French. The learning continues.

See ya later, August. The -ber months are about to begin.

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Week in Review – 2013/08/19 – 2013/08/25



Happy fun times with my WIP, Aaralyn’s Song, the YA Fantasy wherein I’m playing with POV shifts. AugNoWriMo has been such a success. One week to go and lots more experimentation to enjoy.

Also, I’m submitting some short pieces by the end of the month. More polishing and tweaking and off they go.


I started reading The Spark by Kristine Barnett awhile ago and I got to finishing it. Such a great book. It got me looking into other inspiring non-fiction. I’m reading Daniel Tammet’s Born on a Blue Day next.


I’m combing #wipmadness#ROW80 and other threads to look for great blog posts and websites for my upcoming FRIDAY FORAGE series. I’m excited.


SavvyAuthors‘ 2013 Summer Symposium blurred by so quickly. I downloaded all the lessons but it happened too fast for me to keep up with every single thread. Great stuff to dig through.

My Uke, Bilbo Watson, is still on the injured list but I’ll get that sorted this week.

In the meantime, I’ve reconnected with Duolingo. I’d like to think I can carry a conversation by the end of the year. I’ll eventually work on all the languages it has to offer. Best. Free. App. Ever!


August, we’re in the home stretch. 🙂

FRIDAY FORAGE – 2013/08/23

The Forage Begins

TGIF, everyone. Thank goodness I’ve foraged! Two weeks left in August and come September my FRIDAY FORAGE series really kicks off. I’ll have a weekly round-up of writerly and/or other creative and inspiring sites and blog posts. I’ll also post some book reviews here, as well, the first being K.M. Weiland‘s forthcoming Structuring Your NovelI’m excited for this series and look forward to the finds.

In the meantime, my YA Fantasy WIP, Aaralyn’s Song, is going well and the POV experiment is providing me with insight as to possible protagonists in upcoming books in the series, including novellas.

While my Uke won’t be playable until tomorrow, I’ve rekindled my bond with mi amigo Duolingo. Keeping my brain creative and my digits well-rested this month. All good things on the writerly front.

Have a splendiferous weekend!

#ROW80 Mid-Week Check-In 2013/08/21



My WIP, Aaralyn’s Song, is a YA Fantasy. Some themes are of the darker variety, but this successful POV experiment has brought out edgier sides to my characters. I’d say AugNoWriMo is going superbly. 🙂


I’m swamped but getting through my reading:  K.M. Weiland‘s forthcoming Structuring Your Novel and the WIP excerpts from fellow SCBWI critique group members.


Accountability continues with #wipmadness check-ins on Candilynn Fite’s blog and #ROW80 check-ins, along with updates at Ali Luke’s Writers’ Huddle. Still, I should be held more accountable for my lag in reading. 😦


SavvyAuthors‘ 2013 Summer Symposium started today. As if I wasn’t overwhelmed–in a good way–with my current workshops. The next five days are full of ace material to learn from.

My buddy Bilbo Watson is under the weather. I ran some errands yesterday only to come home to find one of his strings popped. Turns out the string wasn’t long enough and the knot unravelled. I made some phone calls and here are my options:

1) Take him back to the store where they’ll restring him for free (labor is free but I’m not sure about the string. Mind you, it didn’t break, it’s just short so the same thing might happen again). Pro: FREE Con: It’s an hour commute.

2) Take him to a music shop nearby (15mins away). Pro: much closer Con: They only sell packs of strings not individual, so that’s around $10 plus another $10 for labor.

Ugh. It’s been 36 hours since I last played. I’ll go grab my sister’s guitar but it won’t be the same. Do I opt for convenience at a higher price or go the cheaper route that makes for a more tiring day? I have some mulling over to do.

Other than that, things are going swell. Swelling, too. Like my arm from where I got my allergy shot yesterday. Oh, the summer drama continues! ;p

FRIDAY FORAGE – 2013/08/16



Aaralyn’s Song is transforming–and in a good way. The POV shift chapters are developing nicely, marinating, as it were. While I haven’t read things over yet, the experiment has been fun, so far.

Our writing challenge this week on Ali Luke‘s Writers’ Huddle involved a ten-minute writing session. I usually do free writing in short spurts. For this challenge I decided to take a scene and switch it to a different POV character just to see how the scene would unfold through their eyes. It’s a fun experiment and think I’ll give it a whirl on a regular basis. Even if I don’t use the words in my WIP, it sheds new light on my cast of characters. Good stuff.

This weekend, it’s  a day downtown with The Sisterhood for music, pedis, and a Japanese dinner. Awesometastic.

I’ve noticed that when I take a relaxing weekend to unwind, the following week yields creative output.

Here’s to a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sort of weekend. 🙂