FRIDAY FORAGE – 2013/08/16



Aaralyn’s Song is transforming–and in a good way. The POV shift chapters are developing nicely, marinating, as it were. While I haven’t read things over yet, the experiment has been fun, so far.

Our writing challenge this week on Ali Luke‘s Writers’ Huddle involved a ten-minute writing session. I usually do free writing in short spurts. For this challenge I decided to take a scene and switch it to a different POV character just to see how the scene would unfold through their eyes. It’s a fun experiment and think I’ll give it a whirl on a regular basis. Even if I don’t use the words in my WIP, it sheds new light on my cast of characters. Good stuff.

This weekend, it’s  a day downtown with The Sisterhood for music, pedis, and a Japanese dinner. Awesometastic.

I’ve noticed that when I take a relaxing weekend to unwind, the following week yields creative output.

Here’s to a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious sort of weekend. 🙂

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