#ROW80 Mid-Week Check-In 2013/08/28



Oh, to juggle. Oh, to have multiple limbs to whip these babies up simultaneously.

Raise your hand if you’re in the middle of an awesome WIP and come up with one, nay, several new ideas.

*raises hand*

Meanwhile, I’m getting my short story submissions ready for the end of the month deadline. I’ll plan the rest of the month mapping out September’s writing goals.

And no. It never ends. 🙂


I’m reading Daniel Tammet’s Born on a Blue Day and it’s fascinating. Suddenly into anything and everything about how the brain works. I have at least half a dozen more non-fiction books on the subject that have joined my ever-growing TBR list.


August’s #wipmadness check-ins on Candilynn Fite’s blog wrapped on Monday. The #ROW80 check-ins continue. I’m looking into more writing challenges for September onwards.


Bilbo Watson, miss ya, buddy. I haven’t had the chance to get you restrung  yet. Soon, my friend. Soon.

Anyone else doing Duolingo? Having a blast with Spanish and haven’t decided what other of their available languages I want to tackle next. Probably going to do the patriotic thing and revisit French. The learning continues.

See ya later, August. The -ber months are about to begin.

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