Why, Oh, Do the WriMo? & Other Writerly Efforts


Every day in November, I’m working on a thriller with romantic elements (as part of the Entangled requirements) entitled Greatest Hits. 50K is the goal, but I’m really aiming for around 80K which is more in the avenue of my chosen genre.

This week and for the next five on FRIDAY FORAGE we talk NaNoWriMo. We also get tangled in the Entangled Smackdown over at SavvyAuthors. I’ll be posting weekly updates on my word hoarding–or how I just typed it at this late hour–woarding. I like it.

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FRIDAY FORAGE – 2013/09/06



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Happy September, everyone. Today we officially kick off the FRIDAY FORAGE Series with five of my go-to writing sites for a plethora of information and inspiration. These are five of many but these sites and the people who run them are simply aces!


1) Helping Writers Become Authors

I’m a huge fan of K.M. Weiland. Both her writing reference books and fiction are great reads. Her site has an excellent collection of articles and podcasts on the craft and business of writing. She’s active in social media, as well. I’ve enjoyed and participated in her Writing Question of the Day threads on Twitter. #WQOTD gets the community talking about things like POV, voice, protagonists strengths and weaknesses. It’s a nice way to see what other writers are up to in 140 characters or less.

Her latest reference book Structuring Your Novel: Essential Keys for Writing an Outstanding Story is an excellent follow-up and complementary offering to Outlining Your Novel: Map Your Way to SuccessI was fortunate enough to receive an ARC for the book and a review is forthcoming–my first book review for FRIDAY FORAGE. I’m just slightly under the weather at the moment dealing with a new allergy-shot regimen that leaves my eyes looking flirtatious to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man or more accurately, what’s left of the losing contender in an MMA match.

K.M. Weiland is a great teacher and listener. I love authors that forge relationships with their readers. It’s something I hope to do someday soon. Excellent site and info.

2) Jordan McCollum

Jordan McCollum is another author that gives back to the writing community and she does it in a big way. She has several blog series covering different aspects of writing and also gives away free writing guides. Now, we all love free goodies, right? But this is so much better because it’s chock full of useful nuggets of writing wisdom that we can put into practice straight away. Doesn’t that just scream Double Rainbow?

She’s also great on Twitter and connecting with other writers. She shares more than just her writing life (and her recently published first novel, I, Spy. Congrats again!). It’s nice to know that writers are people, too. <<Gasp!>> I find it inspiring when I learn what other writers struggle with and celebrate on a daily basis.

3) Moody Writing

What have I called info that’s entertaining? Yes. Infotainment. When you head over to Moody Writing, you’ll understand why it was a winner for 2012 Top Ten Blogs for Writers. This site was definitely in good company. In fact, I’ve visited all of those sites at one point or another.

I know I’m not the only person who will look up a topic such as, say, character motivation, and look up at least five different sources on the topic. That is, different opinions, approaches, perspectives on the staples of storytelling. Hands-down, Moody Writing is always on that list.

4) The Other Side of the Story

Janice Hardy provides the world with a comprehensive treasure trove of writing tips and articles that run the gamut of the writing process, from conception to publication. Everything is organized for easy reference. There’s an endless supply of info, you’ll be clicking for days.

Don’t be intimidated by the amount of information. It might seem daunting at first, but once you get your bearings, it’s like having a complete writer’s manual at your clickable fingertips.

5) Savvy Authors

It’s no secret that Savvy is my virtual home away from home. I’ve shared my love for this writing community since I first began this blog back at the end of March. Workshops? Check. Articles? Check. Blog posts? Check. Forums? Check. The support and camaraderie at Savvy Authors makes it a mainstay in my writing life. I can’t say enough good things about them.

I don’t think there’s been a week that I haven’t had an ongoing workshop since I dove in back in late November last year. I’m going to wear out an old saying but seriously, my writing? Leaps and bounds. Leaps and countless bounds of improvement. One thing I can say is the writing journey never ends and you’re constantly learning. There are great people here that will help nurture your craft and help you grow as a writer.


There you have it. Just five of my favorite writing finds. It’s a nice way to start off what I hope to be a great blog series.

If you haven’t already, I hope you take a look at each site and maybe stay awhile. Then put all that awesome knowledge back into your WIPs. You’re writing will thank you for it.


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Week in Review – 2013/06/24 – 2013/06/30


JuNoWriMo and Kiwi Writers SoCNoC.  Also tweeting word count updates using #JuNoWriMo and #SoCNoC hashtags.

Fractured Tales Series Word Count Grand Total: 88,403 words (June)

Sleep. Does wonders. Chugged along and got splendiferous results. This total can join the 75,416 words I wrote in April. Not too shabby. I’m also pleased that I was able to exceed the 6K in a day challenge twice this weekend.

I have updates for WRITE YOUR NOVEL THIS SUMMER every Friday. More on that below.

I have some solid material to continue with for JulNoWriMoCamp NaNoWriMoand possibly Savvy Authors Boot Camp that starts on Monday. Already giddy because I’m enjoying the scenes I’ve written lately, pleasantly surprised and complete with oohs and ahhs.


Already the non-conformist, I’ve read books outside of the list I posted last week. Here’s what I read this week:

GIVER     12786668     15745594

Currently reading:

LoisLowry_GatheringBlue     16248113

I’ll continue reading non-fiction because it helps in my prep for next month’s writing challenges.


The third round of #ROW80 starts on July 1st. My goals are pretty straight forward for the next eighty days.

1) Continue to work on my Fractured Tales Series with all the WriMos and writing challenges I can find (see above).

2) Working simultaneously on BOOK ONE: HAMELIN and BOOK TWO: THE CURSE OF BRIAR ROSE.


4) There are some submission call-outs I’m considering with due dates on July 31st and August 31st. I’ll get those sorted.

5) Continue reading and blogging because I think all of this has helped me become a better writer.

6) Try to keep up with the supportive #ROW80 family and meet knew writing buddies on the blog hop.

7) Try super-duper hard not to edit as I write. That’s always been something that I need to work on (or not, as the case may be).

I’ll also be checking in with the #wipmadness community. To share my progress with WRITE YOUR NOVEL THIS SUMMER I started a new series of posts entitled FRIDAY FORAGE. Those posts are going to be fun.


Treadmilled my brains out only to follow it up with both TKT having fevers. I’m also considering Urban Rebounding. It was a long week so I finally had the chance to unwind and catch up with my word counts this weekend. Duolingo still waits in the wings, but I’ll get on that.

A busy June. Can’t wait for July. Good thing I won’t have to. 🙂