Half Full or Half Empty…

September is Nearly Half Over!


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Holy frakkinshnoiders, that was right quick!

This week, I had writing assignments in three languages, an exam in one, discussions in all, and a character scene to create, thankfully in English. That last one was a doozy because once the gears began to turn (after the day and a half long brain-stall… there’s no such thing as Writer’s Block in my house! LOL), I tripled the word count of my 750-word assignment limit. Instead of writing a scene, I started writing the entire story.

However, as in stories, in life there needs to be a proper sense of pacing, so let’s take a lookiloo at all that’s happened this past week.


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It’s so easy to push yourself towards executing a boatload of plans and ideas, only to overwhelm and potentially psych yourself out. I nearly fell victim to my own devices this week. Trying to stay ahead of the game, it was easy to overlook the details. Akin to a Tortoise and Hare situation, even the best laid plains can yield epic failures if you don’t stop to soak it all in from time to time.

When I did take the opportunity to breathe and just find my rhythm amidst the chaos, things began to flow better. That was especially true with the brain-stall. Staring at the screen, willing the words out through my fingertips did nothing for me. However, stepping away, doing something else, heck, GOING somewhere else and not thinking about it for awhile, helped because once I was in a different mindset, ALL I COULD THINK ABOUT was the story.

Writer’s Tip (and most writers know/do this): Keep some sort of writing implement and paper or phone/tablet app to jot down ideas. I’ve used gum wrappers when applicable because the moment you have a golden nugget, you don’t want to let it slip away.

We’re heading into the third week of September and already I’m thinking of my upcoming deadlines. Even though the Winter Semester schedule isn’t out yet, I’m already trying to plan out the rest of my school year. As we all know, nothing is ironclad anymore. I’m going to go with the flow, stop to smell the roses, and do whatever other clichéd thing I need to do to avoid burning out before I’ve even begun.

It feels good to write a story, to immerse myself in characters that become real in my mind then come to life on the page. Those who write know exactly what I’m talking about. Anyone else can relate in the sense that you’ve found your passion and you get to live it everyday.

For me, writing is fuel, it’s food, it’s life. Writing is my form of self-expression, my way of articulation and an outpouring of my soul. In every one of my stories, I leave a part of me on the page. It’s as though I can share a moment in time with anyone willing to read or hear my story.

Although they are certainly intricate from conception all the way through to publication, stories can be the simplest form of communication–transmitting messages of love, heartache, challenges, and triumphs of the human spirit–across the world and appreciated for their universality in a time where diversity is both a blessing and a curse. I love how stories can unite us all.

I almost forgot that in the middle of my organized chaos, my frenzied attempt at getting ahead in a race of one. The only person I’m competing with is myself so I just gave myself a pep talk:

“Hey, Self.”

“Hey, how’s it going?”

“Well, the semester started off really great.”

“Awesome. What’s next on the agenda?”

“I think it’s a good idea to chill out a little and do some introspection.”

“Right on. Just don’t forget about the stuff due for next wee–“


“Got it.”

“Next week will come either way.”


“Thanks, Self. Good talk.”

Roses smelled good.

All is flowing well now.

I’ve reconnected with my zen and highly recommend a downshift every so often. It’ll make you appreciate your efforts so much more.

Next week: The writing continues, natch. More exams and papers due, but that’s to be expected. I say, bring it on!


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