The Feeling of Frosh

A.K.A. What is Old is New Again


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¡Hola! Comment allez-vous? I’ve had a wonderfully multilingual first week back at school. A shortened week still felt packed with my coursework. I’m already planning ahead with my assignment due dates that I know will overlap in coming weeks.

I love seeing the energy all the freshman have as they scramble to classes, a handful of them looked lost enough that I had to go up to them to point them in the right direction.

It leads me to wonder (tell me if you get the phrase, Improv-a-ganza fans!) how lost people are beyond the geographical. GPS issues aside, I take a brief look back on this week and look forward to the semester ahead of me–in shock that we’re nearing the last quarter of 2014.

Mother of pearl, this year went by ever so quickly, even during those moments that seemed to drag on forever.

I like all my classes and there’s a new mix of students that will keep things interesting. I was revved up this week. There are few people more excited to go to class than Yours Truly.

After spending the weekend with family and friends (and truly relaxing for the first time in months), I decided to comb over the school’s website to see what other degrees I can add to my arsenal while I work towards my teaching certification.

Yes, writing is at the forefront, sidelines, and background of my life, but I understand that it’s not the most lucrative of careers. In the meantime, combining my love for languages, culture, and helping others seems to be a more viable option.

I’m currently looking into an Associate of Arts Degree in Creative Writing along with an Associate of Arts Degree in Modern Languages to complement the teaching certification.

What I’m currently enjoying is the fact that I don’t feel as pressured as these Freshmen because I’ve been through it all before. I’m now taking classes I want to take because I’ve already gone through post-secondary and been in the workforce.

Sometimes I think it’s better for teens out of highschool to actually have that experience for a couple years before starting their next academic journey. It gives them the opportunity to experience what it is they truly want to do in life and a chance to explore what skill sets they can bring to their potential careers.

It’s too bad I can’t attend the conference I’d mentioned in last week’s post. It won’t stop my forward journey with Marty McKeen: Protector of the Realms. I also can’t wait to get writing for my Creative Writing class. It’s a workshop format and I’m excited to discuss my peer’s stories.

I know I was supposed to share more about what happened this summer. Some great moments, others not-so-great. It’s still a bit of a touchy subject, so I think more time to reflect on it will be better. Fear not, there is plenty to discuss.

For the moment however we’ve come to a crossroads…


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…at least, academically speaking.

Choices will be made, paths forged and taken.

I’m excited for this journey. Care to join me?

Next week: Mid-month crunch time. Homework, assignments, exams, oh my!

See you then!

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