To Trust the Weather Report

A.K.A. The Unpredictability of a Forecast


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Hi. It’s me.

Yes, I know it’s been a couple of weeks. In my defense… HOLY FRAKKENSHNOIDERS! Assignments and deadlines left, right, and in my face. It’s been trilingual madness of the amazeballs kind.

Also, we’re officially in the final quarter of 2014.

Still wrapping my brain around that.

Let me share with you kind souls what’s transpired for Yours Truly in the last fortnight and also, what’s to come.

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Half Full or Half Empty…

September is Nearly Half Over!


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Holy frakkinshnoiders, that was right quick!

This week, I had writing assignments in three languages, an exam in one, discussions in all, and a character scene to create, thankfully in English. That last one was a doozy because once the gears began to turnĀ (after the day and a half long brain-stall… there’s no such thing as Writer’s Block in my house! LOL), I tripled the word count of my 750-word assignment limit. Instead of writing a scene, I started writing the entire story.

However, as in stories, in life there needs to be a proper sense of pacing, so let’s take a lookiloo at all that’s happened this past week.

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