What a Hump Day!


And I mean this with the utmost glee.

Here’s why.


I finally–FINALLY–got to attend a Write-In for The Other Eleven Months, a NaNo Writing Group. Not only did I do word sprints for Aaralyn’s Song and Greatest Hits, but I had the added pressure of actually hearing the clickety clacking of keys as we typed away at the coffee shop. (We’re in a booked room so it’s not obnoxious or anything. hehe)


I got hold of my books, nine tangible goodies in the MG/YA realm, and I’m excited to dig in. I also got another pre-approval for a MG adventure over at NetGalley. Add that to the list I’ve yet to read there. I’m thinking of going through those first (after my current one) and I’ll save the physical books for Middle Grade May, should there be another reading contest. 🙂


Schedules are coming together for March Madness and I’m excited. I’m still in the planning stages, so I’ll post more about that as we draw near.


Here’s the biggest yay of the week, thus far. I’m loving going to a physical class again–without the real pressure of days gone by. I’m enjoying the material and face time with other mortals. One tends to forget that when taking the solitary writing path.

Enjoy the rest of the week. I’ve got lots to do and must be off!

5 thoughts on “What a Hump Day!

  1. There is something very motivating about NaNo-energy. I’m not big on the whole 50K thing (save that it makes a great mega-morning page project), but sprints? Yeah.. I’ve become a huge fan of writing sprints. Glad you got a chance to enjoy that, Tonetta.

    And I hear you on the difference between a physical class and an online one. I think it’s the same “energy” thing. Or mob thing… 😉

  2. I tried NaNoWriNo briefly and it was brutal. I knew I would quit eventually (and I did) but I couldn’t even write the right way. I kept going back and editing and I wasn’t doing “stream of consciousness” writing at all. Gah. I’ve done one word sprint and it was massively enjoyable though.

    • NaNo isn’t for everyone, so don’t worry. It’s good you’re getting words out in whatever way you can. I went the extra mile of masochism and did a 3-Day Novel contest, too. The average page length is 125 so we’re in the 30K range, but still. That’s a nutso challenge of will and perseverance. And also, nutso. Very, very nutso. After I get the feeling back in my fingers and resume a more humane sleeping schedule, I marvel at the motivational tactics behind writing deadlines.

      I tried that for a couple years and decided that NaNo was a better option. I also keep a journal, of sorts. Not necessarily a heartfelt outpouring of my day, but more focused on specific projects, checklists and scraps of ideas that I develop into bits of dialogue or scenes. Writing prompts help, as well. If I want to go full on with the free-writing, there’s also asking your character(s) questions you know they’d feel defensive answering. Get under their skin and you’d be surprised what you can discover. Even their evasive behavior says a lot about them as characters. And all that counts because it helps make your story better.

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