2014 #ROW80 Round 1: WRITE!


Well, well. Fancy seeing you here. Five days into 2014 and already we’re kickin’ up a dust storm of frenzied activity.

Love. It.

Back on New Year’s Day, I posted my goals for January, as well as 2014. Some progress has been made despite minor setbacks hither and thither.

In the interest of sharing, I’d like to present:

Tonette’s Week in Review, the YAY BOO Edition


YAY: Wrote up my goals all nice and shiny. That, in itself is a big deal.

BOO: Due to unforeseen circumstances that led me to spending a handful of hours in an ER waiting room with a Loved One, I didn’t get to post my book review on Friday.

YAY: Amazing people came into the ER, each more colorful and zanier than the last. Fantastic writing fodder.

BOO: I was in an ER. (But, YAY. The Loved One is alright.)



YAY: I have my long awaited books from last year’s reading challenge arriving in the mail tomorrow. Plenty of MG/YA reads.

BOO: I can’t get to them just yet because I have yet to finish my NetGalley and I intend on doing that ASAP.




BOO: I joined Instagram over the holidays with the intention of using it–but have yet to use it.

YAY: I shall be hosting the Fridays during March Madness. I’m already drafting posts for that.

BOO: Though, I’m not as involved in Social Media as I thought I’d be at this time, I must say I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone and survived. πŸ™‚

NETWORKING SCORE? YAY: 1 BOO: 1.5 (due to some progress made)… BOO WINS.


BOO: Aside from the trip to the ER, I went over my airtime minutes (and ended up changing my phone plan) while staying on hold for various institutions. Bless his heart, but I’m not sure how many times I can listen to an Elton John ‘Best Of’ Compilation.

YAY: I’m still on wait lists and yes, it’s understandable because the decision to enrol this semester was finalized over Christmas Break, but I think I got into one of the classes. I’m third on the wait list and as of this posting, there are now three openings in the class.

BOO: I’m finding the foray back to the academe a little overwhelming, but also exciting. I have plenty of academic advising and info sessions in my future.

YAY: I’m excited for the opportunity to pick and choose the classes/courses I want for my specific career goals. It’s never easy to make such decisions at any stage in one’s academic life. Even though I might feel like a freshie again, I’ve got some life experience to help keep me more focused and less ‘deer in headlights’ when it comes to taking those next steps.

LEARNING SCORE? The middle YAY/BOO statements cancel each other out. This one’s a draw.




Thanks, 2014. There’s hope for me yet.

I’ll be referring back to my New Year’s post to see where I am with my goals, but the next week will primarily be focused on getting settled in my classes. Once I’m comfortable in student-mode, I can strategize a writing schedule. I trust that next week’s review will have more YAYs.


How’s your year going so far?

7 thoughts on “2014 #ROW80 Round 1: WRITE!

  1. Definitely a Boo on the trip to the ER but an extra big YAY that they’re all right! Also, it’s nice to know I’m not the only one who looks on trips to the ER as chances for character development.

    Good luck with classes!

    • Kathy, I love people watching–maybe, a little too much. It’s always good to maintain subtly and anonymity. Otherwise, there might be a slew of restraining orders coming our way!

      I don’t always have to look to get writing fodder. Listening to the various conversations–some stranger than others–are always great for dialogue snippets in my WIPs. People say the craziest things when they think no one’s listening. Or, perhaps they intentionally invite people into their audible lives to be in the limelight. Either way, it’s going in the book! πŸ˜‰

      • The best bit of overheard dialogue I ever heard was two teenage boys talking about witches riding brooms. One day I will find the story it belongs in.

  2. sorry about the ER but you seem to be doing okay at the beginning of this fresh shining year:) Your yearly goals sound good as well – busy, busy, busy – all the best:)

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