And Now for a Song…


[in a raspy, strained voice]

On the twelfth day of the new year

All this I blog to thee…

So much has happened,


Well, don’t sound the alarms.

It’s nothing earth shattering.

Let’s edit that last line with:

And left such an exhausted me.


Word sprints. Homework. Workshops. Heck, I even spent this morning typing over 1000 words for a story idea that I’M NOT SUPPOSED TO ENTERTAIN because I’m working on my top three projects to complete in 2014. Natch, I have these new words tucked away in a Story Idea and Dialogue Snippet file, respectively. Still, there’s enough on my plate, do I really want to add more to the writerly buffet in my brain?

I will say that there’s been progress made with Aaralyn’s Song and that’s due to a self-imposed lockdown as I scrambled to catch up on my online workshops this weekend. Not an easy task, let me tell you, because it’s the Sisterhood’s Birthday weekend, too. The week had me in classroom-mode, so I had to prioritize the assignments for those before the online workshops. I have two more classes that begin next week. Should be both a hoot and a nanny.


I finally got my review up for Ophelia and the Marvelous Boy by Karen Foxlee. You can read it here. Up next is another NetGalley Thy Kingdom Fall by Austin Dragon. Complete switch on target audience and age group, but I’m funny like that. So, I’ve got more galleys coming up, and assignments, and readings, and a partridge in a pear tree.


No Monday check-ins this month, but that’s fine. I’m still in an adjustment phase to my added workload this year. I am mingling both online and off with my fellow classmates and writing partners, so that’s going swell.


Yes, I’m a nerd, so consider yourself warned. (Like you didn’t figure that out by now.)

I’m really excited about being back in an academic setting. Mind you, it feels so much better not having the pressure of taking exams and writing papers. I’m sure those are in my future, however, every class I take and every academic decision I ponder now has a specific purpose in my career development. I guess older and wiser are finally getting to know each other better.

How have your almost two weeks in 2014 been treating you?

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