Week in Review – 2013/09/02 – 2013/09/08



WIPs and workshops for my YA Fantasy Aaralyn’s Song, my Spec Fic Thriller Imprint and possibly my Urban Fantasy short story Lady in the Lake. Redrafts, revisions, and critiques. Busy, busy. Along with the workshop assignments to get my brain chugging along, I haven’t had much time for brainstorming new story ideas. That’s okay. I’ve got a full plate.


Still behind on my reading Daniel Tammet’s Born on a Blue Day. I’d like to say it’s primarily to do with all the stuff mentioned above, however, the allergy-shot regimen I’m currently enduring is making the eyes less functional. Well, that’s not entirely true. The eyes are fine. It’s just all the skin around them, including the eyelids that like to seal up nice and tight as I build a tolerance to the allergen. Fortunately, I also have Tammet’s book in audio form. I should give that a whirl again.


I think the first FRIDAY FORAGE post went well. I’m already planning several ideas at the same time but need to narrow it down. I like the number five, but I might do three at a time if the posts get too long. The number of finds isn’t as important as what I want to share. We’ll see how it goes.


First off, I’m glad to report that Bilbo is back safe and fully-strung. So happy to be playing the Uke again. Good thing, too. My calluses were starting to soften. Can’t have that!

Duolingo is great. I’m on Level 9 in Spanish and Level 4 in French. I tend to put in some time right before bed. Perhaps I’ll start having multilingual dreams or dreams with subtitles. 🙂 I think, if all goes well, I’ll start another language in October. Why not, right?

Don’t mean to bring up mundane topics such as the weather but it’s been wonky in my neck of the woods. It’s as though Summer’s fighting to stay but Autumn is taking a stand and giving her the ole heave-ho. Hope everyone’s doing well in their writerly worlds.

3 thoughts on “Week in Review – 2013/09/02 – 2013/09/08

  1. Sounds like things are going fairly well for you (excepting, of course, the issue with your eyes), Tonette. Congrats, especially, getting your ukelele back–I’m fighting the curse of lost callouses here too (I’d tried to start playing too soon after breaking my wrist, and ended up having to stop again for more PT/OT). My sympathies on the next few weeks of finger grooves.

    I liked what I saw of Duolingo, but I couldn’t get it working in my browser correctly (no sounds). What one are you using?

    • Hiya.

      I hear ya on the wrist pain. I still have lingering effects from a wrist fracture on my left hand. And I’ve recently had my left thumb x-rayed because it’s been hurting for over a month now. Woke up to some tolerable pain but I can’t use my left hand to open things, grip properly, or even effectively change dirty diapers. At the time, my 3 year-old nephew was asleep beside me and he moves around a lot in his sleep, so I’m not sure if he rolled on my hand the wrong way (not the first time that’s happened) or it’s some other issue. Don’t like the waiting game with the doctor. I’d just like my thumb back, please. While I can’t play guitar, at the moment, the Uke’s been more forgiving. Gotta keep those calluses hard!

      As for Duolingo, I’ve tried in through the direct Chrome shortcut, though there’s something needed to set up my microphone. It’s been some time since I’ve used my computer for the app, so I can’t remember if there were audio issues. The one I use regularly is the app on my iPhone. That seems to be working fine. I just prefer using a keyboard because typing on the phone is ANNOYING. Let me know how it goes and I’ll also get back to you about the browser audio.

      • Thanks, Tonette. I would have to use the computer for Duolingo since the one smartphone/tablet device in the house is my husband’s work machine, but it’s a thought for the future. 🙂

        Ugh about the wrist…. I really hope you get some relief soon, and functionality.

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