#ROW80 Mid-Week Check-In 2013/09/11



Over at SavvyAuthors I’m in the midst of Revision Hell. Workshop name aside, I’m actually having fun reading my Spec Fic Thriller Imprint again after all this time. So far, I’ve done surface edits for 95 pages. That means, I’ve fixed typos and minor structural issues.

Per the RH rules, there is a difference between edits and revisions. Revisions are more detailed, such as rewriting entire passages, writing POV shifts, that sort of thing. I revised seven pages.

They also have a thing called BICHOK which means But in Chair, Hands on Keyboard. I did three hours in the morning and three and a half hours at night.

We’re in teams so all these numbers are totalled up and we compete to see who can get through RH with the most points. It’s a fun way to keep accountable and motivate other writers. Everything I’m learning in these classes is works wonders for my other projects, including my YA Fantasy Aaralyn’s Song.


I’m beta reading, critiquing, and reviewing this month. Those take priority over my personal TBR list. But it’s all good stuff. I’ve paused Daniel Tammet’s Born on a Blue Day but will get back to it as soon as I’ve done the reading that has a deadline.


I’m a member of the Women’s Fiction Writers Association. What I like about this group is that it’s a community of writers that write about a woman’s emotional journey regardless of genre, so it’s not confined to romance. I’ve nothing against romance. In fact, I’m trying to write stories with romantic elements, but I appreciate how the group’s definition of Women’s Fiction has expanded to accommodate other writing styles.

On Monday, the WFWA launched its shiny new website and we’re hoping to have a great line-up of workshops. I’m a forum moderator for the Aspiring Author, Debut Author, Craft, Marketing, and Business of Writing boards. Lots of activity since we launched. So much fun.


Duolingo!! I’m on Level 9 in Spanish and Level 5 in French. The higher the level the more lessons there are. I was hoping to crack Level 10 by this update, but I’ll get there soon. 🙂

And my beloved Bilbo has returned safe and strung. While dealing with my allergy shot regimen and how it’s messing with my vision, I can close my eyes and jam. Which is what I did with the Sisterhood over the weekend. I like to squeeze in at least twenty minutes a day and it helps me unwind from everything else.

Hope everyone’s in a creative buzz (despite how hot the weather’s been lately. At least in these parts!) and enjoy the rest of the week!

4 thoughts on “#ROW80 Mid-Week Check-In 2013/09/11

  1. those savvy workshops can be rough/good:) having a partner keeps you up to speed letting oneself down is one thing but letting down someone else is well. . .

    Am glad women’s fiction is considering other stuff than romance which seems to have dominated for far too long (in my opinion:)

    all the best for coming week:)

    • Same to you, Alberta. Definitely like the evolution in WF, at least by the WFWA’s definition. It opens up so many possibilities for writers who might have otherwise felt pigeonholed. They don’t have to hold back any longer.

      Savvy Authors and the WFWA are keeping me quite busy. I’m going to have to find a balance so I don’t overload and burn out.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Doulingo looks like a good way for me to refresh my Spanish (I’m sure my stepmom, great aunt, and other relatives would appreciate that). I was a little sad there wasn’t Japanese (which I’m working slowly to teach myself).

    You have a lot going on. And you totally have it under control, Go you! Keep rocking it this round.

    • Thanks, Gloria.

      I have a feeling that they’ll eventually get to other languages, though there might have to be a different approach to learning the characters. Flashcards, perhaps? At the very least, sight reading and pronunciation should be key in making the more complex languages (visually speaking) workable within the app. Something to hope for, though.

      Let us rock this round together!

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