Week in Review – 2013/08/12 – 2013/08/18



The POV experiment continues with Aaralyn’s Song, so far. AugNoWriMo is more than half over but the progress continues.


This week I’m continuing K.M. Weiland‘s forthcoming Structuring Your Novel and the WIP excerpts from fellow SCBWI critique group members. I fell behind on the reading but will try and get some of it done today and by midweek. Grrr.


Despite the Grrrs, #wipmadness check-ins on Candilynn Fite’s blog and #ROW80 check-ins, along with updates at Ali Luke’s Writers’ Huddle are keeping surprisingly sane and accountable.


I have a couple of SavvyAuthors classes that shall help in characterization and subplots. While I continue to dig through my already purchased courses, there’s something to be said about real-time feedback. Huzzah.

Later in the Week Savvy is hosting its 2013 Summer Symposium and I’m super excited about that. So much info and it’s free to members! At $30 for non-members (the annual dues, by the by) there’s no excuse for you not to join this fantabulous group of writers and other lovelies in the industry.

As my calluses further develop, I had a lovely day out with the Sisterhood yesterday. Good company, good food and took home my new friend. His name is Bilbo Watson. I’ll give you three guesses as to how I came up with that name.

Once I’m all spiffy on the Uke, I plan on expanding my strumming horizons to the mandolin, lute, and eventually the cello. YUP. Incidentally, I got to play around with a U-Bass. That is SOOOOO cool. I love doing creative things when I’m not writing. Keeps the noggin’ full of ideas. 🙂

Play/Write on!

2 thoughts on “Week in Review – 2013/08/12 – 2013/08/18

  1. Glad to hear that progress is being made. And thanks for the heads-up on Savvy Authors. I might just need to jump in on that, or on something over there. This morning I made a note to myself to look into some online writing courses to help me stay focused while improving my craft, and then I saw this. I think it’s a sign!

    I hope the reading catch-up doesn’t take too long. Keep up the great work!

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