The 48 Hour Book Challenge – Hour 24 Report


Tell me I’m not the only one that’s seeing words swim across the page and/or ereader. I’m not? Good.

Twenty four have gone by, half of them devoted to TKT, a thirdish to all words written and read by me, and that last bit, caught in the ether. I’ve lost track, to be honest. I barely remembered to check in now! I suppose that’s the joy of diving into a good book. You lose track of time. The world around you falls away and the only one that exists are on the pages before you. That is such a lovely thing to aspire to you as a writer, don’t you think?

Alrighty. DOUBLE VISION by F.T. BradleyI could totally be friends with Linc. Also, I feel bad for Mrs. Valdez because I have a soft spot for teachers. I love the connection/concern she has with her students, even the ones that don’t believe they have potential themselves, like Linc. I have a thing for secondary characters. And I like how they get to shine.

My line up wasn’t in any particular order. I decided that due to previous emotional reactions from books, (UGH, all the feels and tears and outrage), I might want to keep the reading less emotionally draining, that way I can get through the weekend without shedding a tear (I hope) and chug along. So since the wee hours without the wee ones, I dove into GEORGETOWN ACADEMY, SEASON ONE by Jessica Koosed Etting and Alyssa Embree Schwartz and CINDER by Marissa Meyer

Hours Read: 9.50 (running total: 16.25 hours)

Hours Blogged: 1.00 (running total: 2.00 hours)

Hours Written: 0.00, so far. Blerg. Must get on that.

Total Hours Logged for #48HBC so far: 18.25 hours

I hope everyone is enjoying the worlds they’ve traveled to thus far!

The 48 Hour Book Challenge – Hour 12 Report


Progress report as we near the eleventh hour (on the clock, but twelve hours since I began):

Hours Read: 7.75 hours

Blogged: 1.00 hour

Written:  4.00 hours (early start for JuNoWriMo and Kiwi Writers SocNoC in anticipation of today’s events)

DOUBLE VISION by F.T. Bradley is a quick read. And I’m reading as quick as I can with one eye on the 19 month-old, the other on the 3 1/2 year-old… wait. I only have the two. Eyes, that is. The kids are so speedy, they blur past me sometimes. Yeah, so I appreciated the fast pace and short chapters. I barely got through one when I’d have to put the book down to help one of them with something. I have no problem shunning my own daily sustenance (and I’ve done that before when I did back-to-back writing sprints). I suppose it would be a faux pas in my Godmother/Aunt duties if I neglected to feed and care for The Keysmashing Tots (TKT) throughout the day.

Two things I’ve learned so far:

1) I really like this book.

2) I really need to take a speedreading course. When I see #48HBC updates, I’m in awe. People are nearing double digits on their books today alone. Others are reading in excess of 100 pages in under an hour or like our fearless leader–TWENTY books today? Please teach me the Ninjaness of it all.

Tomorrow I am sans TKT. I shall forge ahead and actually try and make a dent in my TBR list. Come on, Tonette, you barely gave it a ding!

That said, I did finish other books, as well, that were not a part of my line-up. All progress is good, yes? 🙂

I shall continue through the night and into the wee hours. I can cram a boatload before having to return to my beloved TKT Sunday.

The 48 Hour Book Challenge – Hour 01 Is Nigh


Starting this shindig off at 1100 unless there’s an aPOOcalypse. First book  DOUBLE VISION by F.T. BradleyI’ll post more later today, including a line-up of hopefuls on my TBR.

Check back later. 🙂

EDITED: 1159

My morning session was halted by a literal stink bomb. I have recovered and have a tentative line up for this challenge as well as my overall reading list for the next little while. I’ll do the usual simultaneous read, especially if the emotions get the better of me and I need a change of literary scenery.


There’s a nice mix of action, suspense, love, drama, tension, heartache, and cybernetics. You know, just a day in the life…

#ROW80 Mid-Week Check-In 2013/06/05


JuNoWriMo and Kiwi Writers SoCNoC  Tweeting also using #JuNoWriMo and #SoCNoC hashtags. As expected, my daily word counts dwindled this week as opposed to the frenzied start over the weekend.

Fractured Fairytale Series Word Count: 12,909 words

I realized I never set a word count goal this time around. I think I’ll just leave it at 50K and just focus on the production rather than the deficit from a quota.


DREAMLANDER by the fabulous K.M. Weiland and KILL ME SOFTLY by Sarah Cross. I happily discovered that the 30 Books in 90 Days Challenge officially starts on June 23rd so it takes some pressure off. I haven’t start any other book yet but will probably do so tomorrow or Friday. These two books are exquisitely different but I love the description and how relatable the characters are. More books to come, but so far, I don’t have to pile on the numbers just yet.

The 48 Hour Book Challenge is June 7th to 9th. I’m reading DOUBLE VISION by the equally fabulous F.T. Bradley for sure, but will see what other middle grade marvels I can add to the list.


Updates galore on #ROW80 posts and check-ins with the awesome #wipmadness community on Kim Baccellia’s blog. It’s always good to see progress… and also the checklist of what has yet to be accomplished. (Read: When you sometimes forget what with all the simultaneous tasks, that deadlines are creeping up.) Yay for accountability!

Hope everyone had a lovely first June Humpday!


June Writing/Reading Goals

Say hello to 2013, Part Two.

Half the year gone already? It’s unreal. To keep me grounded in the harsh reality of the quasi-masochistic writing life I’ve got some intense goals lined up for the month of June.




1) JuNoWriMoLike Camp NaNoWriMo but not in April or July. Go fig. I’ve written at length of how awesome WriMos are so this is self-explanatory–and exciting. I can’t believe it’s already Day 01 and I’m here gushing about it instead of writing my novel!

2) Kiwi Writers SoCNoC. Southern Cross Novel Challenge. Much like JuNoWriMo, which is much like Camp NaNoWriMo… well, you get the idea… I’m not a Kiwi but they’ve welcomed me into the fold just the same. The SoCNoC also has mini-challenges throughout the month such as 6K in a day or for those who can’t complete 50K in a month, they can do 25K. Considering the next challenge below, I don’t think this will be an issue.

3) 25,000 Words in 7 Days. June 10th to June 16th. Last time I nearly reached 100 pages in 7 Days. Since I’m doing triple-duty for my Fractured Fairy Tale Series this month, I’m sure this’ll be a cakewalk, right? Here’s to hoping.

4) WRITE YOUR NOVEL THIS SUMMERJune 21st to September 21st. This will serve as a nice crossover into July’s Camp NaNoWriMo and yes, there’s a JulNoWriMo and an AugNoWriMo in my future. Go big or go home.

5) Just kidding. Do I really need any other writing challenges? Knowing me, I’d probably find some new challenge along the way and sign-up. I’ll keep ya posted.


So I wanted to continue the awesomeness that was #middlegrademay. Sadly, it is May no longer. The reading joy, however, continues.

1) 30 Books in 90 DaysI read ten for May, so this is possible… eeps. I came up with a list last night but it’s not set in stone. The first book I’ll be reading is DREAMLANDER by the fabulous K.M. WeilandThe second book is DOUBLE VISION by the equally fabulous F.T. BradleyI suddenly have the urge to create a penname with initials.

2) 48 Hour Book ChallengeJune 7th to June 9th. This challenge laughs in the face of 90 Days and orders me to read like mad for two days straight. And I say, bring it–well, maybe with some breaks and sleep and stuff.

Two’s good. We’re good here. Remember, I’m still writing in between the reading.


1) #ROW80It’s the last month for the check-ins every Sunday and Wednesday. After that’s over, I’ll still have my week in review each Sunday, but this has been a great way to maintain accountability. I can share my woes of reading through all my words and others and together commiserate and celebrate the beauty of storytelling.

2) #wipmadnessWe still have check-ins every Monday. Another group of wonderful people to help me keep accountable and sane in all things writerly.


For kicks, because, why not? I’m also making use of the treadmill while the Keysmashing Tots snooze. That’s until, of course, the weather improves. But since we live in Raincouver, treadmill it is. I say this looking out my window at a canvas of greys. For instance, there is gainsboro, light grey, silver, and dark grey, so far. But I digress. On the brighter side of grey, (every cloud has a gainsboro lining, it seems), this guarantees I have a minimum of thirty minutes everyday to devote to reading. Dontcha love multitasking?

Lastly, I’ve stopped using this wonderful app, but I might pick it up again. I love Duolingo and will continue with the Spanish lessons therein. I’d like to eventually learn all the languages they offer. Linguistics falls under the reading/writing scope and it’s also another fun way to fire up the synapses.

*phew* My fingers are tired from this post. I think I’ve got the second half of the year well in hand, yes?

Barring anything too crazy happening this month such as



In the words of Joey Tribbiani, “How you doin’?”