The 48 Hour Book Challenge – Hour 01 Is Nigh


Starting this shindig off at 1100 unless there’s an aPOOcalypse. First book  DOUBLE VISION by F.T. BradleyI’ll post more later today, including a line-up of hopefuls on my TBR.

Check back later. 🙂

EDITED: 1159

My morning session was halted by a literal stink bomb. I have recovered and have a tentative line up for this challenge as well as my overall reading list for the next little while. I’ll do the usual simultaneous read, especially if the emotions get the better of me and I need a change of literary scenery.


There’s a nice mix of action, suspense, love, drama, tension, heartache, and cybernetics. You know, just a day in the life…

6 thoughts on “The 48 Hour Book Challenge – Hour 01 Is Nigh

  1. Ooh, that is a nice mix. I did really like Double Vision. A Poo calypse, huh. Sorry about that. Best laid plans and whatnot! Hope that the challenge goes well.

  2. His best laid plans, you mean? The nephew (senior member of The Keysmashing Tots) seemed to be laughing at me as I dealt with ‘the situation’.

    I’m enjoying DOUBLE VISION, so far. Linc’s voice is captured quite nicely. 🙂

  3. Good stash — I’m jealous of the John Green, as I’ve been meaning to read that for a while. Good luck on dodging the next few stink bombs!

    • I’m trying to emotionally ready myself for that–and John Green, too. LOL Man, I know it’s good that they’re eating homecooked meals, but whoa nelly, Three more stink bombs throughout the day.

    • I’ll let you know. I like what I’ve read so far. Tell me, how badly must I brace for THE FAULT IN OUR STARS? After a particular scene in KILL ME SOFTLY last week, it took me several minutes to put a stopper in my ocular saline drip.

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