Come On, Baby, Light My Fire



And now we’re diving into Week Two of NaNoWriMo & Entangled Smackdown over at SavvyAuthors.

As of last night, I’m about 45% of the way through the draft, though not without some changes to the game plan. I have a boatload of notes on stuff I want to change while I keep writing forward. I’ve done my best not to go back and edit as I draft. I don’t want to taint the established word counts and I know it will also leave me piddling around when I should be producing more story.

It’s nice to get the words out with more ease again. There were a few days last week when the digits (phalangeal, not word count) wouldn’t budge or when they did, they were uncooperative. That sensation is gone and I’m chugging ahead.

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