Parlez-vous français?


Je parle et écris un peu de français and, so far, things are going well.

Ha. I’ll write an entire post in another language one of these days. I’d write some Mandarin pinyin, too. I just need to figure out how to get the keyboard to show the correct tonal accents.

Lots of scholarly events this week, new people, the start of a mentorship for new and ESL students, but the highlight? Seeing Tom Hiddleston in Coriolanus. Brilliant performance for an underrated play. I enjoyed their interpretation of one of Shakespeare’s later works. The humor injected by the actors’ reactions to serious matters made it more entertaining. What I did find fascinating was the innovative set design. Such a small physical space was used to tell a story of a much grander scale. I love watching plays to see how other creative minds transform the written word into amazing visuals. Great inspiration.

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So Nice, They Did It Twice


And it’s déjà vu all over again.

Seekingsomepeace made my day. In woefully delayed fashion from quite a week, I say a bright eyed and bushy-tailed thank you. I’ve had this blog for less than a year. It’s nice to know that my brain spills have a wide appeal. Twice, even.

I shall address all things Liebster–not the singer, mind you–and get to the ROW80 check-in after that. Good? Good.

Here’s the skinny:

1) Link back to the person who nominated you. (Thanks again, Seekingsomepeace!)

2) Answer the ten questions asked by aforementioned lovely person.

3) Nominate ten other awesome and lovely people.

4) Send off ten questions you’d like them to ask you.

5) Let the nominees know how awesome they are by popping by their blog to inform them of their greatness.

It’s a fun way to promote a blogtastic atmosphere over the interwebs and fosters global and cyber unity. Me likey.

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A Bump in the Road


Much like the hump in the week, we all must forge ahead.

I made an infinity scarf for the Sisterhood. It was literally an arm-numbing experience. But I ran into a snafu and while dealing with schoolwork, decided to thread the stitches onto a wrapping paper holder (or an empty toilet roll for giants. I’m in the middle of revising my fractured tales series, so you can imagine I’ve got creatures on the brain. But I digress.)

Cut to me waking up from a power nap the other day (i.e. zonked from a full linguistically educational day) and I went to turn on the light. I knocked the thing over, which had been perfectly fine for the last nine days.

POOF! Goodbye, scarf. Hello, pile of… well, yarn.

The tangled heap could still work as an unraveling blanket of sorts–art imitating life, mayhaps? However, I chose to take the high road–without cussing–and took it as a test of my resolve.


It’s twenty frakkin’ fourteen, people. I’m all up in the calmness and serenity. To reverse a phrase: What is undone CAN be done and done, once more. I’ll get her that scarf if I have to staple gun the thing to her body.




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Say What?!


Already into the third week of the new year?



Also, ermahgerd. HomeWORK.

Yet, I’m enjoying it. I wonder if we do a search through my blog how many times the word ‘masochist’ pops up?


So, about that huge dent and/or finishing NetGalley Thy Kingdom Fall by Austin Dragon. LAMEsauce. Didn’t happen. And it’s not for a lack of trying–although trying only managed a few chapters further into the book. No dent. Not even a ding. Still, I read on.

At least I haven’t received The 2014 Sandy Writing Contest entries yet. Someone up there is smiling or smirking down on me.


Study groups. I love ’em. In fact, I’ll do more gushing about that soon. It’s directly related to what I’ve learned this week and what I’m planning for the rest of the semester. Anyhoo, for the moment, back to study groups. They can certainly take a lot outta ya. I’ve met people from diverse backgrounds in my French and Mandarin classes. I enjoy the group dynamic and I feed off the group energy. Real people are cool. True story. #writersnewlyoutofselfimposedsolitaryconfinement

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Hump Day, the Third


So, the year began on a hump day. Has it been three already?


Tooooo fast.

However, I must be having fun if time insists on flying.


The coursework rolls on, as does that new story idea that I’m NOT SUPPOSED TO BE WORKING ON, but for which I’m continuously generating new ideas. 

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