Say What?!


Already into the third week of the new year?



Also, ermahgerd. HomeWORK.

Yet, I’m enjoying it. I wonder if we do a search through my blog how many times the word ‘masochist’ pops up?


So, about that huge dent and/or finishing NetGalley Thy Kingdom Fall by Austin Dragon. LAMEsauce. Didn’t happen. And it’s not for a lack of trying–although trying only managed a few chapters further into the book. No dent. Not even a ding. Still, I read on.

At least I haven’t received The 2014 Sandy Writing Contest entries yet. Someone up there is smiling or smirking down on me.


Study groups. I love ’em. In fact, I’ll do more gushing about that soon. It’s directly related to what I’ve learned this week and what I’m planning for the rest of the semester. Anyhoo, for the moment, back to study groups. They can certainly take a lot outta ya. I’ve met people from diverse backgrounds in my French and Mandarin classes. I enjoy the group dynamic and I feed off the group energy. Real people are cool. True story. #writersnewlyoutofselfimposedsolitaryconfinement


Time get get real for a second or several.

I love all the courses I signed up for. Heck, there’s a reason why I signed up for them, no? However, circumstances and late night ponderings on life have led me to prioritize what I’m sure some of you were already itching to say, “dial back the masochism, Tonette.”

For pragmatic and sanity-related reasons, I’ve dropped the Semantics and Mysticism courses with the intention of taking them at a later date. I’ve kept the Child Nutrition and Cooking 2.0 course because there are munchkins at home that can benefit from that. And just before you all sigh in relief, there’s another course I previously signed up for that starts tomorrow, Soul Beliefs: Causes and Consequences.

You’ll see a pattern in my interests if you peruse my blog archives. Aside from mythology, linguistics, brainy, and all things creative, I also enjoy learning about religion, philosophy, and the like. My interests are as vast as the winter days are short. I’ll see how the first few days go before deciding if it (or rather, I) can wait until it’s offered again. Just to reiterate, the courses I’ve dropped are non-credit free courses offered through various universities via services such as Canvas and Coursera.

Part of my wee hour musings will be discussed in an upcoming post, but for now I gotta jet. I have an exam to study for!

Ack! Never thought I’d say those words again.

Have a great week, interweb.

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