WriterlyWednesdays: And on That Note…

A.K.A. Revisiting and Realizing Why I Love Writing Fiction


Hello, Interwebbies!

Quick one today because it was a long workday in the blazing heat–unseasonably hot for April–but I wanted to keep up with my blog posts.

While I didn’t get to print out some writing worksheets today to help with my course, I’m still excited about all the revelations I had while brainstorming the characters of my WIP.

It’s funny how life can make you lose track of your writing, sometimes the passion for writing, too.

Now that I’ve purposefully made writing a major focus in my life again, I constantly and pleasantly surprised to look through my notes and early drafts of Aarlyn’s Song to see the interconnections with the characters and their backstories in the world I’d created. It also compelled me to look through some of my older stories–some WIPs, others completed drafts–to study the evolution of my writing style.

There were many moments of “what made me think that was a good idea?” mixed with “wow, this could work, even now” along with a LOT of “just a few more tweaks” but whatever my reaction, I was proud that I’d created these stories and had fun doing it.

It also reminded me that I should never stop writing, I should never stop wanting to create. That in itself is quite the motivation to get my stories out into the world.

I’m hoping to get all the worksheets I need printed within the next week and I’m looking forward to digging deep into the story with my fellow writers in the course when May begins.

Have you looked at some of your earlier writing? Are there certain traits of that writer that remains with you today? How do you stay motivated to keep on keepin’ on?

Back to the grind. I hope everyone had a productive Hump Day!



Until next time…



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