School’s IN for the Summer!

When It’s Good to Geek Out

team mazama final

On what turned out to be a glorious Cinco de Mayo, I began my Summer Session. There was some trepidation, only because I thought I’d fallen out of school mode these last few weeks. Turns out, once a keener always a keener.


I work ahead in class, especially if it’s a foreign language. With a compressed schedule of two weeks worth of classes crammed into four-day bursts, it’s necessary. I’ve already got my first composition due on Thursday, so I’m getting a head start on that because of a busy schedule on the homefront this week.

In writerly news, I’ve done mindmaps and other brainstorms for Aaralyn’s Song in my series writing workshop. Free writing has also helped me revisit scenes from different angles.

Good stuff this week post-NaNo.


Nothing so far fictionwise, but plenty of reading for my coursework. I hope to squeeze in some leisurely reading in my downtime this weekend.


It was great to see my friends from last semester in our first class today. Only four of us enrolled this summer. The rest are fresh faces at different skill levels in French, so it’s looking to be an interesting class.


Speaking of… one day in and I was quite entertained by both the teacher and fellow classmates. Perhaps it was my excitement bubbling to the surface. This French class is going to blur by so I might as well enjoy it.

How are you on the fifth day of the fifth month?

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