Rubbing Elbows

A Little Inspiration Goes a Long Way

team mazama final

So, I went to an author book signing today. Did it matter that I was the only non-child not accompanying a child that was interested in the subject matter? Nope!

It’s nice to think that maybe that’d be me someday on the stage or on the other side of the table signing books for many an eager underaged reader.


I’m a glorious keener for my French class. I’ve read two week’s worth of readings ahead of time so I’m fully engrossed in the subject matter every day. I’m actually having fun in summer school. I have my second composition due tomorrow and that’s going well.

I’ve got new twists and turns cooked up for my YA Fantasy Adventure Aaralyn’s Song and my alternate history thriller screenplay Renaissance. 

Between classes and study sessions, I get so excited when plotting and writing away.



I’ve been holding off on reading the second in Soman Chainani‘s series The School for Good and EvilI have the ebook, but I had to buy the hardcover (and also get the hardcover of the first instalment to match. So pretty.) It’s signed, sealed, and awaiting my eyes.



Soman Chainani is kinda awesome. His first book was one of my faves of 2013. I told him I was a fan both as a reader and a writer. He asked how my WIP was going. I told him how my initial idea is currently book two in a series. He said never close the door to ideas because book two might not end up being book two. I completely agree and we both talked about how we drafted and redrafted our first chapters at least a dozen times. I’m also excited the series is coming to the big screen in a couple of years. It makes me dream big.



Languages, worldbuilding, drafting, revising, rinse and repeat. I think this will be the formula for at least the next two months.


Almost halfway through May. How goes?

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