Mayday, Mayday, Mayday…

This is a Goals Post

I repeat, this is a goals post.

Erm, not quite the same thing, but I digress.

New month. Goals not quite met? Shake it off and keep going. Goals accomplished? Huzzah! Let’s have a lookiloo at what’s happened and what’s yet to be done, shall we?



First off, in April I reached my revision goal and I’m pleased as punch–or however pleased a fruity beverage can be. You know how in those movies when you pop the hood of a car, sometimes the problem is the fan belt or maybe the carburetor? Sometimes in action movies or spy thrillers, someone goes under the hood and yanks all the wires. That’s kinda what my revision was like this month but I think Aaralyn’s Song and the series, as a whole, are better for it.

That said, Camp may be over but the Bootcamp continues. For May, I’m in the final month of the trek and I don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

team mazama final

I’ve breathed new life into my story and I’m excited where this next month will take me.



Yes, I’m behind. Yes, I didn’t finish it. But you know what? The author’s not even finished with the series so I’m in no rush! Also, I believe my coursework and writing took precedence over this but I will definitely continue.

There are two other sequel books from different series I’m jonesin’ to read but as I said, the TBR pile of galleys will be tackled first.


Linguistically speaking, pardon the pun, I’ll be networking my brains out this month during my compressed summer session French class. And with the Bootcamp, I know I’ll be busy on all fronts.


Didn’t get much uke time in April, but I’ll be sure to rectify that this month. I’ll probably need that to unwind from all the French and writing!

I’m also getting help from my neighbor to plant something wonderful in our building’s garden area. I look forward to anything that pops up, literally–and hopefully edible, too.

This has been a goals post. Thank you for your time. We now return you to your month already in progress.

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