The End is the Beginning is the End

Or ‘An Open Letter to Myself’

team mazama final


To You, As it May Concern:

We’re wrapping up Act Two of the Bootcamp and nearing the curtain call for Camp NaNo.

While I did not leap tall buildings in a single or even a dozen bounds, there was progress to be made and made it I did.



With the houseguest no more, I’ve spent the last week in hyperdrive withdrawal as I cleaned the place up. It also gave me the opportunity to clean up some cranial cobwebs to pursue avenues for Aaralyn’s Song I hadn’t thought of but am glad I finally did.


If I rally in the next forty-eight hours, I can surpass my revision quota. I think that’s fan-freakin’-tastic given the sluggish start to the month.

Something noteworthy: I’m also working on a supplementary series to the books for a writing project that I and a few hundred others are tackling in a live workshop for writing a series with Holly Lisle. In the spirit of making use of amazing resources I’ve long since paid for but never gotten around to tackling, I’m going at this full-force.

The simultaneous endeavours coupled with the imposing deadlines create the most interesting motivation as my synapses fire on all cylinders.



Paused A Storm of Swords this week because of the workshop lessons. I also have prep work to do for my class that starts next week so plenty of reading in two different languages is in my foreseeable future.



I’ve got Month Three for the bootcamp and a six-month epic battle of creative craziness ahead with the workshop. It is my hope by the end of all this, I’ll have a shiny series to show for it. The extra accountability is doing wonders.



Really excited about my final grade. Yes, I’m nerdtastic about it. The Summer Session looks to be intense, but I’m sure I can stay ahead of the game, hence the prep work for it a week in advance.

I recently discovered that the former tenant of my apartment shares many interests with me, including teaching ESL and a love for languages. We’re planning to meet up on a regular basis for a language exchange and all around polyglot appreciation.


It’s important to chillax every now and then, but always keep on keeping on.

The weather’s heating up, as are all the activities, it seems.


Bring it!


Yours truly,


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