Consider Your Search History

Or ‘You Know You’re a Writer When…’

team mazama final


Greetings and salutations, fellow scribes of the world!

A lil’ taste of what my pal Google has contributed to my edification:

– square foot gardening (more on this later)

– fairies and their weaknesses

– DNA collection at Death Scenes

– Human diseases and conditions

– Arthurian legends

– Shakespeare’s true identity

– Leonardo da Vinci’s drug use


Seems harmless enough, no?



I must say, despite Jolly Jolly’s arrival and our trip to Victor-I-A this weekend, I did get some work done on Aaralyn’s Song.



With that initial week of no writing, I’m behind schedule, however, I’m just under the 50% mark and I plan on gunnin’ it this week to make the home stretch less stressful. I’m examining scenes from different angles, creating new layers of conflict and adding texture to the overall story. I’m pleased with it, so far.



I knew I shouldn’t have stopped reading A Storm of Swords a few years ago. I thought I read that certain things already happened to certain characters but here I am reading that that those events have not yet occurred and yet I’m trying to remember if I read the chapters I’ve gone over in recent weeks.

It probably would have been helpful if the chapters were numbered. I have the ebook and when I needed to reload my app after an update caused it to crash, I lost any bookmarks and annotations I had previously stored on the device. Sadly, a way to keep a place is to recall an important scene, say, a character’s death, and if they’re also a POV chapter character, then you can ballpark your location if you don’t see their name in the table of contents anymore.

Well, the reading continues. I’m not sure if I want to read all five right away. I probably want to stay just slightly ahead of the television series. I’ve heard of people’s frustrations waiting for the next book to come out. Seems like there are bummers all around.



The craft chat at Savvy Authors went well. I hope that once Jolly Jolly zips back over the Pond, I can rejoin the troops at my local write-ins to get some serious writing done.


As I await my final grades, I’m already thinking of the summer session. Even between semesters my brain doesn’t stop. I’ve also been mucking about with different language apps to pass the time and prepare for what’s to come.

Also, our building has given us the opportunity to adopt planter’s boxes. I’ve always wanted to plant my own little garden, but never had the opportunity before now. I found some info on square foot gardening and wanted to give it a whirl. Any suggestions on what to plan for the super-beginner? I definitely want herbs and lavender to start but I’m open to suggestions.


April showers bring… a lot of rain, so I hope to enjoy the sun ASAP. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Consider Your Search History

  1. While I was drafting my lost-in-the-mountains book, my Google search history would’ve made me look like I was about to go off the grid and become a survivalist. Lots of “What part of the dandelion is edible?” and “How can you scare away bears?” and the like… I have a mystery in mind, and I bet that’s when I’ll start to look psychotic to Google… 🙂

    Good luck with your writing this week!

  2. What with being a tabletop RPG player, and my writing, I’m probably on some sort of watch list because of the things I typically research.

    Far as herbs, basil’s pretty easy to grow and when you clip it you can look for the sprouts between the stalks and cut it above that so it will continue to branch out. Garlic chives are also pretty easy, but they can tend to take an area over if you don’t keep using them. Then again, I do so love garlic chives. You can clip the tops and they’ll keep growing through the year. Sage is another good one and you can harvest it just like the basil. I typically have sage, lemon balm, basil, cat mint, and tarragon here, as well as catnip, and I hope to have some rosemary this year.

    • Thanks for the herbalicious tips. So far, only one keener in our building has filled up his planter box. I think the rest of us are either too nervous or clueless. I should go ask for his planting guidance. hehe

      I need to do some research on good combos for herbs and flowers in close proximity. I read somewhere that certain flowers and plants are natural insect repellent properties to protect the surrounding foliage. I’m hoping to get my hands dirty in the coming weeks. 🙂

      • Well, supposedly, marigolds repel aphids, but I also know some critters like to eat them. I read once to plant marigolds around the perimeter of your garden just so that certain insects would eat them and leave your garden alone, as they prefer the marigolds. However, marigold flowers are also edible and delicious. Another would be lemon balm, which is purported to be a natural mosquito repellant, but it’s sort of an invasive plant. Not real good if you don’t have a lot of space.

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