By George, I think I’ve got it!

Or ‘Progress is spelled C-H-U-G-G-A  C-H-U-G-G-A  C-H-O-O  C-H-O-O’

team mazama final


I don’t know this George, or what he has to do with anything I’ve done lately, but I’m calling it a win.



Jolly Jolly from Across the Pond arrives this Wednesday, but I shall forge ahead with the progress I’ve made for camp.



I went from writing 946 words on Day 01 without writing again until Day 07 but I’m chuffed I’ve been working straight. Since I haven’t started today, I won’t include it in the figures, but this last week I’ve written 7,879 words around my crazy schedule for Aaralyn’s Song. That’s far more than I expected.

At the moment, I’m only writing an hour or so each night so I know I’ll reach my quota by the end of the month. Of course, I’ll keep going as we head into May, but I’m glad to be back in the game.



I’m on Chapter Jon in A Storm of SwordsThat is pretty vague as the chapter titles are characters so they repeat several times throughout the book–unless they get dead, or something. Since my friends have been chatting up about last night’s episode, I know what’s happening to ‘you know who’ because of ‘you know what’ and ‘whatshisname’ is tots magotes behind it all.



Wednesday, I’m modding a writing craft chat over at Savvy Authors. It’s a webinar about iPad writing apps, so it should be fun. It will also compel me to tango with iTunes, if I don’t already have the app.



My semester is over and I’ve got two weeks before the next one starts. My study group wants to get a head start and read the next chapter in our French textbooks. I think that’s a good idea so we can dive in prepared.

It’s a compressed semester, so rather than having two classes a week plus a practice lab, we’ll have four classes and two labs per week. I’m going to be Frenched out by the end of June! I’m mentally preparing myself but I’m also excited. I feel so accomplished when I’m able to read all the bilingual stuff in stores (without turning the product over to the English side) or listen to a television or radio program in French without saying, “Wha, huh?”


More celebrating with Bilbo awaits. Hope the latter half of April is a smashing success for everyone!



One thought on “By George, I think I’ve got it!

  1. Glad you’re back on track! Keep going! And thanks for not spoiling A STORM OF SWORDS for those of us who wait to read the books until after watching the show. 😀

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