If I Had a Hammer…

Or ‘How I Spent the last 144hrs’

team mazama final

So, I built a bed yesterday.

And other things.

Oh, the unpacking. That, too.

How in the frakkenshnoiders did I ever accumulate so much stuff? I may have mentioned The Sisterhood calling me out as an ’emotional hoarder’ and I can’t say I disagree with her. But as a Disney character declared–and many people have sung since–I really needed to let it go!

The purge, though slower than watching a pot boil, has proven successful. I think I shall continue in this forward momentum.


Alas, my writing has suffered for the trouble.

This is the first time in recorded NaNo history I have not logged a single word for almost a week. I’m hoping that I can get at least some words in before midnight. Sure, I’ve journaled these past few days, mostly my frustrations at whatever was being thrown my way.

Since building my bed and creating the Inner Sanctum to my Sanctuary, I’ve gained some perspective on life and clarity on writing, especially my contribution for Camp and Bootcamp this year.

I’d pondered on some POV approaches for Aaralyn’s Song and have come up with the following:

I still want to create the immediate intimacy and investment in Aaralyn as the protagonist, so the story shall begin with her POV chapter. All of her chapters will be in first person, past tense. These will be interspersed with other key characters’ POV chapters but theirs will be in third person, past tense. So, for the majority of the book, it’ll read like Martin‘s A Song of Ice and Fire (and I’d love the same fan base, please and thank you!)

That said, so much storming has occurred in-cranium, and very little on-screen or on paper. That will be rectified A to the SAP. Finals are next Monday and I’ve got two weeks before the Summer Session commences, so I need to pound out the words. Despite the fact that The Sisterhood’s friend from Jolly Jolly Across the Pond is staying with us, I shall be hospitable yet semi-indisposed until I reach my word count goal. That’s doable, yes?


Pfft. Yeah, read above, thank you very much. At least I can finally say there’s more P in the WIP status.


I’m at the gory part of Martin’s A Storm of SwordsErm, I’ll let you guess to which gory part I refer. I have not seen the first episode of the latest series, so please, no spoilers, I beg of thee.


I’ve successfully pulled a pocket of time to write this post to network with my peeps. So… ‘allo!


Did I mention I built myself a bed? Sure, sure. If one must get technical, I assembled it by way of IKEA. However, I think it makes the effort more worthwhile when I’m able to take the mother of all snoozes as my body finally craps out from this move and tells the rest of me to follow suit.

I feel the inkling to get Bilbo Watson out for a lil’ tune this weekend. Oh, yes! Music shall be mine!

I hope Week Two goes more swimmingly for me, as I hope it does for you!

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