LEARNING (a.k.a. 5 Aha Moments on My Writing Journey)

I consider myself a perpetual student in the School of Life (more on that in my Week in Review post this coming Sunday). Thus, writing is a lifelong process with constant room for improvement. As with life, in writing I’m always learning something new each day and it makes me a better writer.

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When I was still in the single digits, I wrote with pencil and paper. I soon graduated to pen and notebook. When technology afforded me other means, I began clicking away on keys. Words appeared, amber text on a black screen, then as computer systems evolved, white text on blue. The days before I Macified my life, I had my trusty Commodore Amiga and saved my words on a floppy disk.

Look how far we’ve come.

I’ve mentioned before how lucky we are in this technological age. It’s a great time to be a writer.

Beyond the technology, I’ve certainly seen an evolution in my writing. From research, pre-writing, technique down to word choice, all have improved over the years. ¬†When I had the chance to decompress from all the 2013 NaNo frenzy, I went over my stories, some dating back over a decade. I began to notice similar themes and tropes. Whether consciously or unconsciously, these observations are too frequent to ignore and are important to the WHAT YOU KNOW Series.

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I love cartoons.

Growing up, I anxiously awaited Saturday mornings. Who here remembers the clamation bits that have the jingle “After these messages, we’ll be ri-ght back!” While most of these were pure entertainment, many had deeper meanings for older viewers to interpret. Case in point, Bugs Bunny. Seriously. That dude taught me about the social climate of the day, and that was before I even knew what social climate was.

However, there are certain types of animation that have resonated with me over the years. In my second instalment of the WHAT YOU KNOW Series, I observed patterns in shows I liked and details about each that draw me in to watch and rewatch the respective series.

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We’ve made it to December, yo!

This month is all about revisions for me. I spent the last week taking stock on all my current writing projects. More specifically, the ones that I’ve actively tackled within the last couple of years. Sure I have others that are on pause from yesteryear. I don’t want to use the terms ‘orphaned’ or ‘mothballed’. I’d rather think of them on the publishing highway stuck in traffic while these others are in the passing lane. –> Spent the last eight hours running errands and commuting so forgive the lame imagery.

Anyhoo, I counted the active projects and I have TWELVE that I’ve written in the last two years (maybe three) with six of them in the revision stage and three of them closer to spit-shiny than the rest. Can you see why I decided to revise before coming up with something new? Sheesh.

That said, I decided to create a mini-series this month entitled WHAT YOU KNOW. I’ve noticed patterns in my writerly world and I wanted to share some of them with you.

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