WriterlyWednesdays: Eye of the Beholder

A.K.A. It’s All a Matter of Perception


I had a completely different blog post almost ready to go but yesterday was a bit of a gong show which left me zonked and today was a supersized long day at work so what do I do? Bench the planned post and write a new one from scratch close to 11pm. Naturally.

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Bird’s Eye View: A Matter of Perspective

The Hong Kong Experience: Day 06

2014/12/28 @21h05 HK time

We meet again…

I can’t believe it’s already been six days here. It sure as frilly heck feels longer than that. This is the hump day of my twelve days of Christmas Vacay.


Previously on The Hong Kong Experience…

Learning about part of my ancestry and from whence we came. To be a fly on the wall of history…


On the sixth day of Christmas–vacay–my sister said to me,

“We’re now 393 meters above the level of the sea.”

And the adventure continues…

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