Bird’s Eye View: A Matter of Perspective

The Hong Kong Experience: Day 06

2014/12/28 @21h05 HK time

We meet again…

I can’t believe it’s already been six days here. It sure as frilly heck feels longer than that. This is the hump day of my twelve days of Christmas Vacay.


Previously on The Hong Kong Experience…

Learning about part of my ancestry and from whence we came. To be a fly on the wall of history…


On the sixth day of Christmas–vacay–my sister said to me,

“We’re now 393 meters above the level of the sea.”

And the adventure continues…

What can you accomplish in sixty seconds?

This schmancy elevator zipped us up to the 100th floor of Hong Kong’s tallest building at an ear popping rate. Just the 100th floor because apparently the Ritz Carlton set up shop on the floors above that.

It’s amazing to see how tiny the world is below and how far we’ve come in accomplishing great feats as technology and advanced architecture.



It was pretty overcast, so I’m glad we got the Sun & Stars tickets (awww for any GoT fans out there). so that we could return for the night time observation. Hong Kong’s electrical bill must be way high (unless they’re using a kazillion energy saving bulbs) but the light pollution is insane. It could very well rival Vegas. I found it strange that they keep decorative lights on during the day, as well. That’s not even including the new tech where the side of a building becomes one big light show and/or big screen for adverts. The skyline at night will definitely prove to be a feast for the eyes.

So back to the matter of perspective and that whole sixty seconds.

The expression ‘bird’s eye view‘ has, for the most part, been associated with seeing things from above. What people forget is that birds also land on the ground so their view, their perspective, changes drastically.

In the writing life, perspective is essential in good storytelling. There are different points of view from which the reader can appreciate the characters and the world in which they live.

In the writer’s life, perspective is essential in longevity and commitment to the craft of good storytelling. Sometimes the words flow effortlessly while other times it takes hours just to fill up a page.

Now about the sixty seconds. I know it’s a short span of time, but given my rapid ascent in that elevator, the sky’s not even the limit when we let our imaginations run free.


( via the FB User Rachael Chando Grayson)

I know, from personal experience how hard it is to write a series, let alone a single novel. This coming semester, one of my classes will focus on Short Stories. While the idea of a shorter piece of fiction might sound easier to accomplish, it’s proven more of a challenge to get a complete storyarc in a compressed amount of pages.

These challenges, writing or life in general, don’t have to be overwhelming. While sixty seconds might be too short a timeframe, how about an hour or even a page of writing? For those who have those resolutions that never pan out, why not break goals down into attainable chunks of accomplishments?

It’s all a matter of perspective, no matter how you view it. Are you going to gaze up and see how infinitesimal you are or will you choose to soar above all obstacles and know that you overcame whatever held you back? It’s up to you to take the challenge and turn it into an opportunity to better yourself.

Until next time…

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