Week in Review – 2013/04/29 – 2013/05/05

First of all, I must say that it’s weird I’m not posting daily. I’m sure I won’t sing that tune after years of blogging but now that I’m just in my second month of it, I think I’m in withdrawal. 🙂

100 Pages in 7 Days Challenge – 44 out of 100 pages, so far. This weekend, a lot of it was research and plotting, but it’s still towards my fairytale mashup and I’m pleased. 🙂 I’m not going to worry if I don’t reach 100 pages but I’ll chug ahead and give it a go. Either way, I’m working through at least this month to get it all shiny.

The Blog – Going well. In fact, I got a Liebster Award shout out today. That’s pretty awesome. I’ve been swamped with work that I think I’ll spend the week looking for blogs to nominate (I need eleven with 200 or fewer followers, as it’s aimed at newer blogs) and will do my spiffy Liebster-centric post this coming Friday. I’m super excited about this because this lil’ puppy is only six weeks old.

MIDDLE GRADE MAY – READ MANY BOOKS. It’s safe to say that I like to multitask. I extend this masochistic endeavour beyond writing and into reading, as well. I began the month reading two books at once. For a time, I even alternated chapters. It was fine for a little while but it got tedious to keep switching from one Kindle book to another. Also, I grew attached to one story more, so I decided to focus on that one first. I’d like to finish at least three books this month. Wish me luck. Busy busy. More on the reading challenge in tomorrow’s dedicated #middlegrademay check-in post.

Round of Words in 80 Days – Five Mid-Week Check-Ins and Five Sunday Check-Ins (including today).

So far, so good, these first cinqo dias de mayo. Exciting stuff ahead. Stay tuned.


#ROW80 Mid-Week Check-In & May Writing Goals

April was busy, crazy, hectic, awesome, draining, exhilarating and… over? 😦

Got some pretty badges for my efforts:

Camp-NaNoWriMo-2013-Winner-Lantern-Square-ButtonI ended Camp NaNoWriMo with 75,416 words. I had my ups and downs but writing sprints were super helpful. I also met fellow writers online. We supported each other through the sprints and gave moral support during times of brainstorming and times of utter frustration at getting those word counts! What’s great is that these writerly connections will continue on to future NaNos and other challenges in between. We’ll be beta-reading for each other, and maintain accountability for our goals throughout the year. I think that’s an even better prize than exceeding my word count targets. Mind you, I have many words to go in my Camp Nano fairytale mashup, but I’m excited at the prospect of worldbuilding and writing something outside my usual fare. I’m taking workshops to help write something this grand and hope that by the next Camp NaNo, I’ll have this story polished and will be ready to tuck in to Book Two in the series.

I also exceeded my word count targets for my Savvy Author April Boot Camp. I ended up with 75,145 words. I have more to go on this story, as well, and I can see heavy revisions for both in the near future. The Savvy Authors website is going under a revamp, so I’m not worried that we don’t have badges yet. I’m actually excited to see the new site that will be up soon. This story was also out of my usual genre, so I’m proud that I tried new writing projects in April.


A through Z. Done. That was an interesting challenge. I started off ahead of the game but ran into some RL issues that kept me from hopping as much as I’d have liked. The blog topics themselves were interesting to brainstorm. As this is my first attempt at a blog, I think I got off to a great start. We’re asked to write a Blogging A to Z Challenge Reflections Post. Since today is a check-in for a pre-existing challenge and I have the next several Sundays, Mondays, and Wednesdays devoted to challenges, as well, I think I’ll do a special Reflections Post this Friday. I read that there is also an upcoming A to Z Road Trip Challenge. I’ll keep my eye out for something new like that. It’s a great way to use the alphabet as writing prompts and has helped me work on creative non-fiction. I’d say that’s an added bonus from this blogging challenge experience.

And now today, the first day of a new month of writing opportunities. Let’s have a run-down on what’s ahead for me:

1) Round of Words in 80 Days – Each Wednesday and Sunday I’ll be checking in to make sure I’m on track with my writing goals. Aside from the 100 Pages Challenge I’ll continue throughout the month with a focus on the fairytale mashup. If I can write more of the contemporary fic draft, I’ll do that, too. Camp may be over but the writing continues.

2) 100 Pages in 7 Days Challenge – 25,000 words from May 1st to May 7th. Today I wrote 3,872 words. If we count the standard 250 words to a page, that comes out to 15.488 pages. Just for fun, I’m going to round down and say I got 15/100 pages today.

3) Work on the blog. Blog at least twice a week. With these new challenges, I’ll be blogging at least three times a week. I might hold off on the aesthetics of the blog (i.e. web hosting, theme upgrade, etc.) and just work on building more content.

4) Read. READ MANY BOOKS with a focus this month on MG Lit. I had the good fortune of participating in March Madness, two years running. The hashtag and support continues throughout the year under #wipmadness. Last month, Ghost Girl (a.k.a. Mary Ann) hosted the weekly check-ins every Monday. After daily check-ins during March, I felt less pressure but just as much accountability, so it was a good thing.  This month, Deb Marshall is hosting and she also has a reading challenge for Middle Grade books. This is perfect to keep me motivated as I catch up on my reading. I’ll be posting and tweeting about that using #middlegrademay and it should be exciting. I miss reading fiction. I’ve been focused on writing reference and it would be good to dive back into the fictional world again.

So, this is me. May 1st, 2013. A lil’ bit o’ this. A lotta that. Writing, reading, and loving every minute of it. What’s your plan this month?