WriterlyWednesdays: More than Words…

A.K.A. Rekindling my Creative Spirit


Welcome to what I’ll be calling WriterlyWednesdays. With all that happened to me in the last few months, the drive and passion to write fell away. Despite the negative events that have transpired, some good has come from the madness including the opportunity to force myself to look inwards to help myself get through the tough stuff.


As mentioned previously, I enrolled in a year-long course that is self-paced, to a degree, and while it’s slow going as I adjust to my new work schedule, I’m committed to forging ahead with my YA Fantasy Twisted Tales Series that begins with the book Aaralyn’s Song.

For those interested in hammering out a novel or polishing one already in progress, check out A Novel Idea by Shaunta Grimes. There’s a great writing community led by a published author who really cares and understand what we, as writers, struggle through each day.

I’ll get more in depth with story excerpts, writing assignments and other writerly topics as the weeks roll on, but I wanted to let you in on how I was going to continue to fuel the creative fire.

Let’s not forget the importance of people watching.


There’s a story in every moment, we just need to capture it at the right time.

I have writing books, software, and other resources to help me with the task of writing, but there’s something that I will make time to continue doing, as well.


I’ve been enjoying fantasy novels because immersing myself in new worlds is helping me understand the nuances of creating a world of my own.

For now, I read, write, live and love. Until next time…







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