We Interrupt This Month to Bring You a Luau



Kālua pork.

Grass skirts.

If that doesn’t scream Christmas, I don’t know wha–oh, right.

Well, you make do with what you’ve got, yeah?

Given the literal bone-chilling alternative, complete with snow, I’d gladly trade in a white Christmas for sea spray. (Ugh, that moment when you realize you’ll be returning to said bone-chilling alternative before long.)


My love for secondary characters has led me to letting them shine in their own way. I’m planning side projects that will provide the readers with more info on them via novellas and short stories. I think I can bend the rules slightly without breaking them because these aren’t technically new stories. Another multimedia approach I’m considering is the eventual creation of interactive files on my website.

I’ve had this idea brewing in my head for years and would like to refine it before implementing in on a website. Essentially, it’s a creative database of my characters. If genres permit, I’d like to think all my characters can exist in the same universe and it could lead to possible character/story crossovers. 

When I’ve amassed a grand following, I intend to conduct polls on short story ideas by letting readers choose from a pairing of various characters and a simple plot and I’d construct a story either for the reader(s) or as a collaborative effort with the reader(s). I have many interactive ideas that include book apps and other ways to really immerse the reader into the worlds I create. Of course, I’m already thinking lightyears ahead when I’m still in the drafting and revising stages.

Dare to dream. 🙂


In my search for the next list of reads, I got an email from NetGalley. Perfect timing. I now have the opportunity to dive in to all the galleys that await me. I was pre-approved for a book that is a retelling of The Snow Queen. This works well with the other fairytale-related novel I’m reading. I’ve narrowed down the list of thrillers and my holiday reading list should be complete.


As I’m out of commish for the holidays, I hope to back networking before the end of the week (and year).


Language Apps are more portable than skeins of yarn, so I’m going with that for the next few days. The needleless craft continues upon my return to this side of the international date line.

Happy holidays. I hope to post for our Mid-Week CHRISTMAS Check-in. 🙂

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